Wilsonart 4981K-38 Calacatta Oro

Wilsonart Calcatta Oro

You could easily imagine walking into an ancient Roman or Greek home and finding the stunning Wilsonart 4981K-38 Calacatta Oro color in the marble floors or ornate baths. This light vanilla shade incorporates light gold veins and brighter highlights to create a sophisticated look ideal for kitchen or bathrooms. Nearly any shade or style of countertop would work well with this timeless design from Wilsonart.

Expand your horizons and create a truly unique look when you add ogee beveled edges to your velvet-finished countertops. At SEK Enterprises, we pride ourselves on offering designs that are a perfect match to the most popular designs of laminate countertop on the market today. Contact us at 1-800-TO-BEVEL to learn more or visit us online anytime. Our professionals are standing by waiting to help you create the ideal look for your home.

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