Wilsonart 4978K-07 Henna Vesta

Wilsonart Henna Vesta

Tightly-packed color is the hallmark of Wilsonart 4978K-07 Henna Vesta laminate countertops. From the light suede background with deeper accents and insets of copper and brown, the high-gloss look of this design doesn’t disappoint. Visualize the countertop paired with brass fixtures and a sturdy wood cabinets with a rustic look. The medium-scale terrazzo look offers a unique take on countertops that will surprise and delight guests and family members alike. You will all enjoy snacking together on the warm and rustic backdrop of this stunning countertop.

Exceptional design is all about adding that final touch to your room that truly takes it beyond the ordinary. With SEK Enterprises, you’ll find only the highest quality beveled edges in a variety of styles that elevate the look of your rooms. Contact us today at 1-800-TO-BEVEL to learn more about the options that we have available or to find an installation professional in your area.

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