Wilsonart 4953K-22 Typhoon Gold

Wilsonart Typhoon Gold

Deep golden highlights bring the rich look of amber to the Wilsonart 4953K-22 Typhoon Gold laminate countertops. While the theme is overall quite warm, slight hits of brighter white, gray and black provide balance. The range of colors prevalent in this design allows you to get truly creative with how you match the countertop with cabinets. Lighter shades of oak or ash will easily complement this distinctive design. The addition of beveled edges for your laminate countertop brings a special touch to the overall look.

Learn more about the benefits of adding beveled edges to your countertops when you contact the friendly team at SEK Enterprises. We have a decades-long history of helping protect your countertop investment while adding beauty to your home. Contact us today at 1-800-TO-BEVEL or visit us online at KuehnBevel.com.


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