Wilsonart 4952K-22 Typhoon Ice

Wilsonart Typhoon Ice

As you can imagine from the name, Wilsonart 4952K-22 Typhoon Ice laminate countertops include a striking design that is reminiscent of ice crackling through limestone or shale. True depth of color includes shades from vanilla to taupe, with bright highlights of golden white and deeper grays and even black. The premium quarry finish adds a greater aura of quality and workmanship to the cohesive design.

This particular shade would pair well with weathered cabinets and brushed nickel fixtures. A closer look at the full sheet shows light touches of warmth in the biscuit shades. Contrast the angular design with smooth, sculpted edges for your countertops from SEK Enterprises. Find a local installation professional online or contact us anytime for more information at 1-800-TO-BEVEL.

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