Wilsonart 4925K-07 Calcutta Marble

Laminate countertop edges

The timeless and classical look of marble is yours with the Wilsonart 4925K-07 Calcutta Marble laminate countertops with rounded edges. Grey and taupe veins of color ride lightly through the cream-colored base, creating a stunning centerpiece for a luxurious bathroom or kitchen. Veining in this particular style is large scale and dramatic, creating the ideal foil for a darker cabinet structure. Italianate design is all the rage – your friends and family will think you have indulged in a guilty pleasure instead of the modest investment required for these striking laminate countertops and edges.

Completing your design is critical, and adding an ogee edge to this countertop is like icing on the cake. Perfectly-matched colors and a variety of edge styles allows you to customize your look while protecting the edges of your countertops. Learn more by contacting SEK Enterprises today at 1-800-TO-BEVEL or visit KuehnBevel.com to learn more and find a licensed installation professional.

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