Wilsonart 1875K-35 Summer Carnival

Wilsonart 1875K-35 Summer Carnival

The Mirage finish on the Wilsonart 1875K-35 Summer Carnival shade provides a special depth that reinforces the look and feel of the warmest months of the year. Bright, golden browns, deep golden browns and lighter gray accents mark this exceptional laminate countertop edging design.

Envision these shades meshing with the blended colors of nature, such as walls that look sun-drenched and natural wood cabinets or flooring. This darker laminate countertop option with edging would also look terrific with painted cabinets in a range of shades to match the cool grays or warmer browns.

The exceptional value and quality that you will find in laminate countertop edges mean that you will be able to enjoy your countertops for many years. Without edging, your laminate countertops could potentially crack or become broken — especially after years of hard use in a kitchen or other high-traffic area of your home.

Protect your countertop investment and add style and beauty at the same time when you add double-beveled or square laminate edges from Kuehn Bevel. Find the ideal installation partner or distributor in your area when you call us at 1-800-TO-BEVEL or visit us online.

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