The Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2018!

  • Commercial kitchen appliances: We all have an endless appetite for reality chef shows, from MasterChef to The Great British Bakeoff, and it’s inspired us to match the pros in our kitchens! Commercial kitchen appliances aren’t just high-performance, precision machines – they look great too.
  • Stainless steel: The perfect match for your commercial appliances is – you guessed it – stainless steel. Whether it’s cabinets, countertops or kitchen islands, stainless steel delivers industrial chic to your kitchen space.
  • Mixed materials: Designers and homeowners are increasingly moving away from using a single material for countertops and cabinets. One of the most effective ways to incorporate this is to have different upper cabinets to your base cabinets, or have a different countertop surface for your kitchen island.
  • Earth-friendly: There’s a strong trend towards greener, more eco-friendly materials for kitchens. This includes recycling old cabinets and countertop surfaces, as well as choosing low-impact wood or granite like laminate countertops over exotic woods and stone.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Homeowners are moving outdoors for their meals, with full-equipped backyard kitchens becoming the focal point of their entertainment space. Creating a beautiful kitchen to suit your state-of-the-art grill is a great way to enjoy the summer months!
  • Clear surfaces: clutter-free countertops are easier to work on, make small kitchens more user-friendly, and are easier to clean, so it’s no surprise that including appliance cupboards in your kitchen is a big design trend. These “appliance garages” keep smaller appliances plugged in, easy to use, but tucked away behind panels.
  • Deep drawers: Also known as pot drawers, these are a must-have item in your kitchen design. They allow you to store pots, pans, dishes and crockery with ease, and allow practical, easy access – no more crouching down to get that pasta pot at the back, or lifting that heavy roaster out from the top of a cupboard!

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