Tips For Managing Stress During A Big Renovation

Remodeling your home, whether it’s the family bathroom, the kitchen or a whole-house project, is an exciting and creative way to add value to your property and increase your enjoyment of it – but it can be stressful too. Here are some tips for managing stress through your project, from our kitchen countertop edges team.

  • Decide on a project budget: Do some research on what you can afford to spend on your remodel, get quotes in to see how much various projects will cost, and develop a proper budget. To be safe, add 10% on for unplanned expenses. Most arguments around a remodel deal with expenses, so it’s good to have this settled from the start.
  • Work with what you have: Unless you’re very lucky, the home you have simply won’t be able to make that transformation into your dream property. What works in massive kitchen spaces simply won’t work in an apartment, so it’s important to stay realistic. Matching your space with designs suited to it is guaranteed to bring out the best result!
  • Research your contractor: Your contractor can make or break your remodel, so only go with someone you can trust to do a great job. Check for references and get recommendations from friends and family, but don’t leave it there – go visit the properties and see their work yourself. Also, always choose someone who is fully licensed and bonded, for your peace of mind.
  • Know your timeline: From getting permits to ordering cabinets and countertops, it takes time to receive products and install them in your home – and it’s often longer than you may think. For example, cabinetry can take a month if it’s standard, and even longer if it’s custom made, and then it can take days to install. Speak with all suppliers and your contractor, and develop a timeline well in advance of starting your project so that you can co-ordinate different suppliers and jobs to streamline the project.
  • Don’t let the small stuff get to you: The reality is, remodels are dirty and dusty and inconvenient – but the results are more than worth it. Try not to let the smaller things get to you, and try keep the end goals in mind. Try to also put a positive spin on it – it’s not a kitchen renovation, it’s backyard grill time – and remember that it isn’t forever!

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