Tips for Creating a Functional Workshop

For DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists and hands-on home businesses, an on-site workshop is a must-have addition to their home. Here are some tips on how to create a functional workshop space in your garage or outbuilding, from our team specializing in laminate countertop edges.

  • Your workbench comes first: This is the heart of the workshop and needs to be easily accessible on all sides, and big enough that you can work comfortably on a number of projects at the same time. It’s worthwhile spending extra time on making sure that your workbench is big and sturdy enough before moving on to other aspects of your workshop.
  • Tools and equipment: Decide what tools and equipment are essential to your workspace and measure out and designate spaces for larger items. Hand tools and smaller items can be displayed on pegboard leaves – a cost-effective way of adding vertical storage as well as ensuring that tools can be easily seen and accessed.
  • Storage and countertops: Vertical storage and open countertops are always going to be useful in a workshop, so plan to have spaces where you can install shelves and counter space in a way that is easily accessible while you work. The goal here is to take up as little floor space as possible while getting the most storage and workspace.
  • Electrical outlets: These should be convenient and plentiful, so you don’t end up with power cords and extensions running over your floor and workbench, causing a safety hazard. It’s also good to have electrical outlets at countertop level as well as floor level, so your charging tools can be out of the way and not compete with your other power tools.

Hardwearing, Durable Laminate Countertop Edges for Workshops, Bathrooms and Kitchens 

At Kuehn Bevel, we use over 20 years of experience and the latest countertop edge profile manufacturing technology to ensure that you get highly durable results at an affordable price. We also work with all the top laminate countertop brands, making us a leading provider of game rooms, workshops, bathrooms and kitchen countertop edge options, including Wilsonart and Formica edges.

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