How to Choose the Best Kitchen Sink for Your Remodel

Every kitchen needs a sink that’s practical, functional and stylish. It might not be the most-loved item in a kitchen but it’s used throughout the day, every day of our lives. Here are some tips on how to choose the right option for your kitchen from the specialists in laminate countertop edge profiles.

  • Material: Sink materials include stainless-steel, composite materials, and enamel-coated cast-iron. Stainless-steel is a favorite due it’s hygienic, durable nature but be aware that it will scratch up over time. Enamel-coated cast iron is another classic that’s attractive but will wear in the long-term. Composite materials like quartz or granite composites are fairly new and very attractive, but light colors can stain, and some maintenance is required.
  • Single or double: Single large sinks are great for soaking large pots and pans as well as prepping for big meals but be aware that you can’t do both at once. A double sink is much better for that as its dual-purpose, but they are generally smaller so can’t accommodate very big items for soaking. This conundrum may be solved by having an offset sink (a dual sink where one is large, and one is smaller) or additional sink used solely for prep work on your kitchen island.
  • Optional extras: Some sinks come with the option of a built-in draining board, which is a great option for people who do a fair amount of hand washing or like to have a space where they can leave fruits and vegetable to dry after washing. Others come with cutting boards, prep bowls, racks and more that all fit into the sink system, so it’s important to consider your budget and how much use you’d get out of these features.
  • Don’t forget the faucet: This is vital to how well your sink is going to work for you. While the style is a personal choice, there are some functional aspects that should be considered. A faucet with a ceramic disk valve is the most durable options and single lever faucets give you the most control over temperature and flow. Always make sure your faucet is positioned to allow for easy flow direction for washing up – a spray arm is a great addition for this. As for material choices, chrome, polished or brushed nickel and pewter are the most durable and easy to clean options for faucets.

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Start Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen And Entertainment Area Today

Spring will soon be on its way and if an outdoor kitchen is your dream feature for your home this summer, you need to start planning today! Here are some tips on designing a great backyard kitchen and entertainment space:

  • Placement: Your outdoor kitchen is best placed close to your home and within close access to your home’s entertainment space to provide good flow and access. It’s also a good idea to keep it within sight of the pool (if you have one), as this makes it easy to keep an eye on kids and enjoy a swim. If possible, it should be sheltered from the wind (also so that smoke doesn’t blow into the house) and close to a water supply, if possible.
  • Use: Ask yourself how you want to use the space when it’s done. This will help you work out the size and placement of appliances, seating areas and so forth. It will also help focus on design features you definitely want to include, like a fire pit, garden features (like a pond), or a view you want to be able to admire.
  • Task areas: There are lots of different outdoor kitchen designs and deciding on your task areas will help you decide on what suits your space best. Think about food storage, preparation, cooking and plating, serving and cleaning up. Some people enjoy a split-level counter with bar seating, for example, so you can socialize while cooking, while others prefer a separate table.
  • Appliances: Outdoor kitchens can range from fairly simple kitchens to extravagant ones, but your design needs to take the appliances you choose into account. The essentials include countertops, sinks, waste bins and cabinetry to go along with your grill, but you can include multiple grills, pizza ovens, refrigeration, wine bars and more.
  • Lighting: Lighting is key in any kitchen, whether it is indoors or in your backyard. Insufficient lighting is going to make your outdoor kitchen frustrating to use, so don’t forget to include task lighting for cooking, ambient lighting for guests and general use, and even decorative lighting to add atmosphere.

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Kuehn Bevel is a leader in the manufacture of decorative and protective laminate countertop edging products for Formica, laminate, solid surface and wood countertops. Our products include beveled edge laminate countertop trim, granite like laminate edges, solid surface edging and granite like laminate edges, amongst others. Our aim is to give our clients access to beautiful and stylish laminate countertop edge options that deliver the best in protective countertop edging and interior design but without the hefty price tag.

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What Were the Best Kitchen Products For 2017?

Whether you’re stocking a new kitchen, replacing old items or love experimenting with the latest tech, it’s always good to know what kitchen products are trending. Here are some of 2017’s best must-have items for your home from our laminate countertop edging team.

  1. Organic Wooden Bamboo Utensils:

Beautiful to look at, great to use, and eco-friendly as well, these utensils have everything going for them. Although the wood gives them a traditional feel, you can find designs that look great even in the most modern kitchen.

  1. Sous-Vide Cookers:

The trendy alternative to slow-cookers, the sous-vide has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years thanks to a simple, effective design as well as its use on the top cooking shows. While it sounds incredibly fussy and fancy, it involves nothing more than sealing food in plastic and popping it into the cooker, where all the work is done for you. It’s fantastic for rib-eye steaks, poaching pears and cooking fish too!

  1. Microplane Graters:

Incredibly sharp and effective, these hand-held graters are easy to use and easier to clean. Grate anything from chocolate and parmesan to lemon zest and potatoes, then simply put it in the dishwasher.

  1. Cake Decorating Sets:

Baking is seeing a huge surge in popularity, and learning some simple decorating tricks is all you need to take your cake and turn it into a work of art! From disposable pastry bags and edible marking pens to fun icing nozzles and cut-outs, you’ll make birthdays and other special events a breeze.

  1. Spiralizer:

Add a touch of fun to your cooking with a spiralizer, a small, simple device that adds creativity and makes healthy eating easier. These are great for making zucchini spaghetti, carrot ribbons, sweet potato curly fries, and cucumber ribbons.

  1. Wi-Fi-Enabled Helpers:

From the Amazon Dash and the Hiku to GeniCan, tech is helping us make grocery shopping easier by generating automated shopping lists and recording what we use. Some, like the Dash, also include grocery selection and delivery services!

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Tips For Creating Your Bathroom Floorplan

Bathrooms can be challenging to remodel because they are small spaces that have to provide a high level of functionality. With so many options for fixtures, furniture, countertops and countertop edge op out there, it can be difficult to visualize exactly what will work best in your home. Here are some tips from our team.

  • Make a movable layout: There are plenty of free online tools that can map out your bathroom and help you space out the different elements you need to include, making it easy to move them around and try different options. If that isn’t your style, you can go more old school and chalk out an outline in, say, your garage, and draw in furnishings to scale. This is very useful in visualizing the space and how you will be able to move around in it.
  • Assessing your needs: Take some time to think about who uses the bathroom and how they use it, to help create a list of goals for your remodel. Is more storage essential? What about a his and hers basin? Do your kids need a shower or a bigger tub? Is it a family bathroom or a smaller en-suite? Is this a space you want to use for many years ahead or are you remodeling to sell in a few years?
  • The tub: This is often the focal point of a bathroom, and many people make the mistake of choosing one that is too big or too small for the space. Your tub shouldn’t make the rest of your room feel cramped, prevent doors opening properly or fit at an awkward angle. Remember, very big tubs also take a very long time to fill, so they aren’t always as practical. Tubs that are too small are not going to enjoyable or practical to use, and will look out of place in your space.
  • Clearance: Being able to move easily inside the bathroom will make all the difference to your new bathroom. You need at least 36 inches for your toilet, 35 inches minimum for a single sink (72 for a double), and at least 60 inches long and 32 inches deep for a standard tub.

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At Kuehn Bevel, we work with all the major brands, from Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart to Corian and more, giving you access to the most extensive range of laminate patterns, textures and designs. With our technology and design process, we can offer a huge range of custom combinations and product styles for laminate countertop edging options, letting you have full control over how the finished product will look.

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