Start Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen And Entertainment Area Today

Spring will soon be on its way and if an outdoor kitchen is your dream feature for your home this summer, you need to start planning today! Here are some tips on designing a great backyard kitchen and entertainment space:

  • Placement: Your outdoor kitchen is best placed close to your home and within close access to your home’s entertainment space to provide good flow and access. It’s also a good idea to keep it within sight of the pool (if you have one), as this makes it easy to keep an eye on kids and enjoy a swim. If possible, it should be sheltered from the wind (also so that smoke doesn’t blow into the house) and close to a water supply, if possible.
  • Use: Ask yourself how you want to use the space when it’s done. This will help you work out the size and placement of appliances, seating areas and so forth. It will also help focus on design features you definitely want to include, like a fire pit, garden features (like a pond), or a view you want to be able to admire.
  • Task areas: There are lots of different outdoor kitchen designs and deciding on your task areas will help you decide on what suits your space best. Think about food storage, preparation, cooking and plating, serving and cleaning up. Some people enjoy a split-level counter with bar seating, for example, so you can socialize while cooking, while others prefer a separate table.
  • Appliances: Outdoor kitchens can range from fairly simple kitchens to extravagant ones, but your design needs to take the appliances you choose into account. The essentials include countertops, sinks, waste bins and cabinetry to go along with your grill, but you can include multiple grills, pizza ovens, refrigeration, wine bars and more.
  • Lighting: Lighting is key in any kitchen, whether it is indoors or in your backyard. Insufficient lighting is going to make your outdoor kitchen frustrating to use, so don’t forget to include task lighting for cooking, ambient lighting for guests and general use, and even decorative lighting to add atmosphere.

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