Specialists in beveled edge laminate countertop trim

Want to add even more class and style to your new laminate countertops while keeping on budget? Beveled edge laminate countertop trim offers you that and so much more! Find out more from Kuehn Bevel, the specialists in laminate countertop edging options.

Hide the lines on your laminate countertops 

Standard countertop edging has always had one significant drawback – those dark lines where the work surface meets the edging. With new design technology, specialists are able to edge your laminate countertops seamlessly, making that edge part of the surface itself and eliminating unattractive lines.

Added durability to make your countertops last 

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology, edging not only looks good, but adds functional durability too. Made with better materials to exact standards, these edge options and profiles are stronger than ever before and can withstand moisture, bumps and scratches far more effectively than standardized edging.

Attractive options to make your countertops your own 

Having a wide range of single and double beveled edges to match or compliment your laminate countertops means that you get to further customize your kitchen countertops and bathroom surfaces. This can really upgrade your look from a simple squared off edge to something really special!

In addition to beveled edges, manufacturers can also offer you classic rounded, bullnose, ogee and squared edging, so that you can get the right look to compliment your space.

Custom laminate countertop edging options from leading national manufacturers 

At Kuehn Bevel, we specialize in manufacturing high quality laminate countertop edging options that deliver the perfect finishing touches to your design. Expertly manufactured to your specifications using a wide range of edging options and laminate products, we deliver a result that enhances your design, protects your countertops and looks great.

From the ideal Formica edges and faux granite countertop trim to backsplashes and wood countertop edge profiles, we do it all. Please contact us today and speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers for more information.


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