Remodeling Ideas – How to Design a Luxury Shower

When it comes to adding luxury touches to our homes, bathrooms are making a splash. For many people, luxury showers are just as important as getting the perfect tub – and there are some fantastic options available! Here are some remodeling ideas from the specialists in countertop edge options.

Glass Enclosed Showers 

Throw that shower curtain away and invest in glass panels! This is an update that instantly modernizes your shower, creates a more open feel in your bathroom and – importantly – is easy to keep clean and hygienic. You can even enclose your shower in glass panels on each side for an even more light and airy feel.

Bring in Nature 

While beautiful outdoor showers may not work for your home, you can still update it to bring in plenty of natural light and even a view of the garden. By adding a window or skylight, your bathroom will be instantly brightened, and you’ll feel even more refreshed and revitalized.

Steam Away the Stress 

Steam is incredibly relaxing, and a luxury steam shower can bring this spa experience right into your own home. They’re remote controlled, so you can set it to the perfect temperature with ease. Remember to add a bench to your shower design to give you a space to relax in comfort, and a window to allow for fresh air circulation.

Luxury Materials 

Showers are fairly small spaces, so it’s easier to add touches of luxury without spending too much. Splash out on stone, marble or expensive tiles and you’ll be amazed at the result. Your chosen material should reach all the way to the ceiling for a uniform, high-end look. River stones also make for a beautiful shower floor and really bring that nature-inspired spa look to life.

Compliment Your New Shower with Quality Granite Like Laminate and Stylish Countertop Edge Options

With over 20 years of experience, Kuehn Bevel are the people to see when you want exceptional quality laminate countertop edging options for your laminate countertops. With a wide range of decorative options to suit all the top laminate countertop brands, we’ll deliver a product that is expertly manufactured and designed to your specifications. From beveled edge laminate countertops to Formica ideal edges and more, we can deliver it all.

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