How to remodel your kitchen the easy way!

lamiante countertop edge options in wood

Few things brighten up your home, add more functionality and increase its value quite like a kitchen remodel. But these projects can become very expensive, very quickly. Here are some tips from laminate countertop specialists at Kuehn Bevel for getting a high-end, practical result easily without breaking your budget:

  • Don’t move your plumbing: Unless you absolutely have to do it, keep your major appliances and sinks in the same spots. One of the biggest hidden costs in renovations is the plumbing, and reducing this side of your project will save you time, money and hassle.
  • A fresh coat of paint: Paint colors allow you to really express your creativity and achieve your new look without spending a lot of money or effort. You can easily go vintage, country or modern chic just by choosing the right paint colors. In addition to your walls, your cupboards and drawers can be painted too and, along with new handles, these will bring new life to the heart of your home.
  • Lighting: Kitchens need bright, even lighting to make them functional and this easy update doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. Be sure to consider lighting at different levels, for example, hanging lights over the breakfast bar, or under-counter lighting. Be sure to use high efficiency bulbs that give off a natural light for a warm but practical touch.
  • Laminate countertops: These days, laminate countertops are setting the trend in kitchen design with looks that are almost indistinguishable from high-end stone, wood and granite countertops. Budget-friendly and easy to install, you can also add extra character with beveled edge laminate countertop trim for an elegant finishing touch.

Affordable, high-quality kitchen countertop edge options 

At Kuehn Bevel, we specialize in manufacturing high quality kitchen countertop edges, including beveled edge laminate countertop trim, that deliver the perfect finishing touches to your design. Expertly manufactured to your specifications using a wide range of edging options and laminate products, we deliver a result that enhances your design, protects your countertops and looks great.

From the ideal Formica edges and faux granite countertop trim to backsplashes and wood profiles, we do it all. Please contact us today and speak to the friendly sales staff at your local installers for more information.


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