Make The Most Of Your Space With These Garage Conversion Ideas

Garages offer homeowners a great way to add space and utility to their homes without committing to constructing additions. Like basements, these spaces are often under-utilized, but more and more homeowners are turning to them to create functional spaces. Here are some ideas from our team of laminate countertop edging specialists.

  • Independent living space: Whether you want to earn rental income, have a guest space for your in-laws, or have a teenager looking for some independence, a garage conversion can be made into a compact but comfortable space. Switch the garage door out for a sliding door, add a couple of windows, a kitchenette and a compact bathroom and you’re good to go! If you’re in a cold climate, don’t forget to add insulation and heating.
  • Increase your floor size: This is a fantastic option if your home is attached to your garage. Simply knock through, decorate and change out the garage doors and you have a whole new space to expand into. Demolish the whole wall to create an open plan look, or keep it more closed up if you want to create your own cinema.
  • Workshop: If you want to keep your space more utilitarian, then a workshop is the way to go. Away from the main house, it’s a quieter space that can be easily converted into a functional area for woodworking, working on cars and motorbikes, or any other projects. It’s a great idea to add a small, functional kitchenette and wash up station so that you can clean up easily.
  • Games room: If you have kids or are simply young at heart, garages make great conversions into games rooms, especially if you have limited house space! Spacious enough for a pool table, foosball or a gaming table, simply insulate to make it cozier, add a window or two for ventilation, and decorate it as you like.

Custom laminate countertop edging for your stylish, functional conversion

At Kuehn Bevel, we offer expertly manufactured countertop edge options and profiles to enhance and protect your investment. Whether you need laminate countertop edging options, beveled edge laminate countertops, or Formica edges, we can offer you a design, countertop edge profile and final product that adds style and durability to your space without breaking your budget.

For more information about our laminate countertop edging or speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, please contact us or visit our website at today.


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