Lighting – A Kitchen’s Best Friend

When we think of remodeling a kitchen, we often focus on big ticket items like cabinetry, granite or laminate countertops, new appliances, and décor – and we forget about lighting. However, good lighting that is set up for your specific kitchen design is essential to making your space functional and enjoyable. Here are some tips to help ensure that you can make an informed decision about our kitchen’s lighting needs.

  • Fittings should fit-in with your design: There are so many beautiful lighting options available, and the fixtures can do a lot to enhance your overall design. Retro hanging lamps and Edison bulbs look beautiful in quirky spaces, while engineered, minimalist lighting looks great in very modern spaces.
  • Lighting on levels: Kitchen lighting has several jobs, so make sure you have the right lights in the right places. Under counter lighting is great for prep work and cooking, general lighting from the ceiling should be comfortable ‘social’ lighting, and lighting over the breakfast bar is great for eating, ambience and adding character.
  • No dark corners: Generally, lighting should be positioned directly over walkways, prep areas, sinks and cooktops for effective task lighting and to ensure there are no dark corners where you – or anyone else – can’t see what you’re doing.
  • Natural lighting: Where possible, natural lighting should be brought into your kitchen. This will bring in warmth and comfort, as well as reducing dependency on artificial lighting and energy bills – both of which can leave you with a headache.
  • Warm tones: Choose warm, golden toned lightbulbs wherever possible, as this makes kitchen feel cozy and welcoming while still delivering enough light. Cold tones and white lights can leave your kitchen feeling cold and clinical.
  • Downlights over pendants: Hanging lights look great in a kitchen, but should be limited to over a breakfast bar or kitchen island. Too many hanging lights can leave your kitchen feeling crowded and cramped, and can gather dust and debris. Rather choose a few hanging lights for impact, and supplement with downlighters.

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