Step 1
Laminate deck and finish trim with router and straight edge.
Step 2
Pre-cut KUEHN Bevel Molding longer than edge to be covered, using a 60 tooth or more laminate blade in trim saw or table saw.
Step 3
Fit molding. Sand in mitres and joints with disc sander equipped with mitre fence.
Step 4
Pre-fit all pieces prior to gluing.
Step 5
Spread carpenters glue over ENTIRE back surface of molding to assure a good water tight seal. Be sure to adequately cover back of bevel laminate. (DO NOT USE CONTACT CEMENT).
Step 6
Affix molding using filament tape every 2″ – 3″. Align top edge of molding precisely with edge of the laminate while taping. Let glue dry before removing tape. Scrape off excess glue when tape is removed. (Filament tape is recommended – masking tape tends to rip).
Step 7
Lightly sand top edge of molding where it meets the countertop with 220 Trimite paper to clean up any light burrs that might be left. Be sure not to sand throught the color surface of laminate. Rout or sand any excess molding that may be overhanging the bottom of the countertop.
Step 8
It’s that easy to install KUEHN Bevel Edges! 1-800-TO-BEVEL FREE

Note: It is recommended that after installation of countertops, the area above and near the dishwasher should be sealed with a waterproof sealer to defray steam or moisture damage due to improperly sealed dishwasher doors.

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