Decorative Wall Trim and Sills For Design Cohesion

Your home’s interior will come alive with Kuehn Bevel’s cutting edge wall trim options. Now you can have it all – colorful, textured durable, do-it-all countertops, complemented with wall trim molding in an unlimited variety of design possibilities.

For the ultimate design statement….think correlated enhancements that tie your entire style together. Find the high-quality look you’ve always wanted for with our wall trim or chair rail moldings. Show the beauty of a truly coordinated home with Kuehn Bevel! It’s time to open up the horizons and live beyond the edge – the possibilities are endless!

Add a luxurious touch with wall trim molding


Wall trim is very striking. It makes a great impression in modern spaces and looks spectacular next to richly painted surfaces in your home. Wall molding, or chair rails as they are also referred to, provide your walls with character and a traditional design that will never go out of style. While traditionally installed in homes for practical purposes, wall trim is now an essential element of high-end designs.

Kuehn Bevel’s decorative laminate edges can be produced in a beveled edge from any major brand laminate in any color combination.

Our standard chair rail casing comes in 3” H x 5/8” W and is also available in custom sizes. Adding Kuehn Bevel accents to your home offers silent testimony to your respect for tradition, substance, and quality. You’ll settle for nothing less than the bet, and it’s obvious in your choice of Kuehn Bevel.

Endless Wall Trim Ideas

Laminate Edges with Wall Trim Laminates

Decorative wall trim molding is a simple, and budget-friendly way to transform a room, and with Kuehn Bevel, the possibilities are endless. The value added by Kuehn Bevel does not end at the sculpted edge.

Kuehn Bevel is recognized as America’s leading manufacturer of decorative bevel edge wall molding. We are committed to on-time delivery, while offering the largest variety of colors, custom combinations and product styles as preferred by the world’s most discerning customers.

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