Beveled Edge Laminate Countertop Trim

Kuehn Bevel innovated the first designer bevel edges for laminate countertops over 20 years ago, and still manufactures the highest quality and most durable edge products in the market today. Our edge products are simply better made, last longer, come in more shapes and sizes than stock edges from laminate manufacturers. Our bonding process means your edges will attach robustly and seamlessly to your countertop design, and be more durable over time under heavy use.

Beveled Edge Laminate Countertop Trim
Kuehn-Bevel Edges put the “cool” back into laminates

But even more important, our countertop edge products are gorgeous. A Kuehn Bevel countertop edge gives you the look of refined luxury, without the refined luxury price tag.

With our laminate bevel edge products, you have even more designer countertop edge options than you would have with granite or marble which are notoriously expensive and messy to work with and install.

A Laminate Countertop with a Kuehn Bevel Edge can now be the choice for high end designers and fabricators, creating a distinctive look at a much more affordable price point.

Beveled Edge Laminate Countertop Trim Options

All our bevel edge laminate countertop trim products can be easily attached to any standard laminate countertop. Our beveled edges can be made out of 4 different materials depending on the edge style and color you want.

Our original laminate beveled countertop edges with a seamless geometric tapered look at the Bevel. Choose from a variety of colors and edge profiles to match your style. Our laminate edges can be made in one of 4 Beveled Edge designs. All our laminate beveled edge laminate countertop trim products are shipped from the factory in 12 foot lengths to your workshop or job site.


Laminate Beveled Edges for Laminate Countertops

beveled edge laminate countertop trim
Shown above: Our Type 3 Double Bevel Edge 1 9/16 H x 5/16 W

We offer numerous edge styles that can be made to match your countertop laminate or offer a contrasting style. These edges are virtually seamless extensions of your countertop and create that designer look in multiple shapes and colors.

Or if you prefer, look at our KURV Edges line for a uniquely different look. No other manufacturer offers as many choices in beveled or curved laminate edging as Kuehn-Bevel.


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Beveled Countertop Edges by Kuehn Bevel Are The Designer’s Choice

Our beveled countertop edge products in wood, laminate, or solid surface, set the bar for quality edge products. Add to that our matching pieces for design elements such as chair-rail moldings, wall moldings, window moldings and backsplashes and you have a complete edge palate from which to choose affordable design options.

Kuehn Bevel is going strong after 20 years, still at the edge of luxurious design.

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