How Kitchen Colors Can Affect your Mood and Appetite!

If Instagram has proven anything, it’s that eating is as much about visual appetite as anything else! In fact, even the colors you use in your kitchen can have an impact on your mood and appetite and can influence eating habits. Here are some insights from our team, the leaders in kitchen countertop edges.

  • Blue – an appetite suppressant: Whether it’s because of its naturally calming effect or the fact that there just aren’t that many blue foods in nature, this range of colors is noted for decreasing the appetite and helping people avoid mindless snacking.
  • Yellow and orange – the happy place: These colors have an interesting effect on the body, causing increases in serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in people exposed to it. Kitchens in these colors feel welcoming and energetic and tends to make people feel refreshed.
  • Green – nature, naturally: Green is associated with health, plant life and the outdoors, so it can be a great influence on people looking to improve their diets and lifestyle. This encouraging color can help people stay motivated to pick an apple over an apple pie!
  • Red – an appetite for passion: Red kitchens are very popular and it’s not difficult to see why. This is the color of love, passion, warmth and vitality, and it can encourage us to indulge ourselves by exploring our creativity in the kitchen… or the fridge itself.
  • Black and brown – tones to stay away from: Unless you’re using these colors as part of a neutral color palette, the general rule is to stay away from them. Wood or black countertops/cabinets look beautiful and stylish, but too much of these tones can dominate a kitchen and transform it into an unwelcoming and unappetizing space.

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