High definition granite like laminate adds the wow factor

Laminate countertops that look like granite are no longer the fashion faux pas they used to be, and that’s all thanks to significant advances in design and manufacturing technologies. Now, even the most discerning client can get the look of beautiful natural stone with all the advantages of laminate.

Top manufacturers like Formica, Wilsonart and others use real stone samples as inspiration for their designs, mimicking the real deal down to its very last detail. In fact, many people struggle to tell the difference between granite and laminate examples.

Economical and DIY-friendly, these countertops can also come with a range of expertly manufactured laminate countertop edging options to give them even more high-street appeal and added durability.

How does laminate compare to other granite alternatives? 

When you are looking for natural stone countertops but don’t want the expense or difficulty of granite, there are other options out there that offer significant benefits over this stone product. While laminate is one of them, there are also solid surface and engineered composite surfaces to consider. So how do they measure up?

  • Solid surface kitchen countertops: These are manufactured using a combination of stone dust, resins and pigments to create a seamless countertop that resembles stone. It has a uniform design, so you get none of the variation that you do in natural stone, but it is very strong. It’s more expensive than laminate, however, and needs to be installed by a professional.
  • Engineered countertops: These are similar to solid surface countertops in that they both use a resin, but engineered countertops add natural granite into the mix to make the finished product look more like natural stone. Because the slabs are set, not cut out of stone, you get a seamless finish. Like solid surface, however, you should be prepared to pay a lot more for this than you would for laminate, and you will need a professional to come and install it.

Get the perfect finish to your granite look countertops with our edging options! 

At Kuehn Bevel, we offer expertly manufactured kitchen countertop edge options and profiles to enhance and protect your investment. Whether you need laminate countertop edging options or Formica ideal edges, we can offer you a design, edge profile and final product that adds style to your space without breaking your budget.

For more information about our products or speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, please contact us today at https://www.kuehnbevel.com/ .

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