A Guide to Designing Your Home Bar

Homes are all about creating spaces filled with personality and character where we can relax, put our feet up and enjoy life with family and friends. A home bar is a great choice for homeowners who want to enhance this side of their lives and are becoming an increasingly trendy option in the world of interior design. Here is a quick guide with useful tips from our team of specialists in the design and manufacture of laminate countertop edges.

  • Function first, then location: The first planning step is to decide how you want to use your home bar and how it will fit into your current entertainment features. Do you want it to be part of your backyard entertainment out by the pool? Or would you like it to add on space to your kitchen? Another idea is to make it part of your games room or wine cellar. This will help you decide on where it should be located. Remember to consider plumbing requirements, power sources and traffic flow in your home to help make your bar fit in seamlessly and affordably.
  • Features and appliances: There are endless bar designs out there, but they all have a few features in common – countertops, seating, display areas, storage and appliances. Remember that you will need sufficient space for a drinks fridge, spirits, and glasses before you can add other features like keg equipment, icemaker, and sink for washing up.
  • Choose your design: Your bar should suit your home and your personality but it’s also important to choose materials that are hard-wearing and easy to clean, as your bar is going to see a lot of use. Think of it as similar to a kitchen – materials should be durable, hygienic and stain-resistant like ceramic tile, high-quality laminate and stone for countertops and kitchen cabinets for storage structures. If your bar is outdoors, it will have to be made of exceptionally hardwearing materials or easily protected from the elements.

Make Your Home Bar the Best with Our Laminate Countertop Edges 

At Kuehn Bevel, we use over 20 years of experience and the latest manufacturing technology to ensure that you get highly durable and stylish results at an affordable price. We also work with all the top laminate countertop brands, making us a leading provider of kitchen countertop edge profiles, laminate backsplashes and laminate backsplash edges, including Wilsonart and Formica.

For more information about our products or speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, please contact us or visit our website at https://www.kuehnbevel.com/

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