Formica Ideal Edge Replacement

At Kuehn Bevel, we are innovators on the edge of design. We strive to bring new life to laminate countertops with our decorative edge moldings, manufactured with unsurpassed strength and durability

Almost 20 years ago, Kuehn Bevel, partnered with Formica to make the very first edge for laminate countertops. As a result, a new age of laminate countertops began, allowing customers to personalize a luxurious look in their homes, without burning a hole in their wallets.

Custom Formica Countertops

Formica countertop edge design options

Kuehn Bevel has created the industry standard for countertop edges for almost 30 years. Unlike the Formica IdealEdge, our infinite edge options are manufactured in the standard 1 9/16 inches, fitting any laminate countertop.

Kuehn Bevel decorative edge products are durable, cost-effective and offer a unique edge treatment upgrade over other edging products.
While Formica offers only two types of edges for your laminate countertop, Kuehn Bevel offers edges in laminate, solid surface, and hard wood, with infinite edge profile options and color choices. Here are some of the benefits of Kuehn Bevel edges:

Sophisticated Curved Edges. Kuehn Bevel offers a unique curved edge, unlike any other countertop edge manufacturer. With four options to choose from, create a striking look for your kitchen or bath.

Mix, Match & Contrast. With the variety of countertop edges to choose from, add personality to your home with countertop edges that contrast and nicely compliment your Formica countertops.

Endless Possibilities. With the more than 200 styles and colors offered by Formica including laminate countertop surfaces that mimic the look of stone, Kuehn Bevel has edges to match them all.

Innovative Applications. You can incorporate decorative edging into more than just your Formica countertops including backsplash, cabinet doors, table tops, desk tops, drawer fronts, chair rail, baseboard and more.

Innovative edges from Kuehn Bevel allow you to design and color coordinate your whole room design. Our wide selection of edges for Formica countertops is what has made Kuehn Bevel unlike any other in the industry.

Kuehn Bevel: The Ideal Edge for Your Formica Countertops

With Kuehn Bevel, comes unsurpassed possibilities for your Formica countertops. Finding the ideal edge for your home is as easy as five steps:

Step 1: Choose your laminate countertop style from Formica.
Step 2: Add a personal touch to your countertops with Kuehn Bevel decorative edge molding in laminate, solid surface, wood or LAKOR. See our entire line of laminate countertop edging options.
Step 3: Pick out any matching or contrasting backsplashes or wall moldings to complete your design concept in the room.
Step 4: Contact a Kuehn Bevel Fabricator near you from our nationwide network of installers by using our installer finder. Or simply have your own kitchen guy call us directly at 1-800-862-3835.
Step 5: Your countertop fabricator will measure and install your countertop with Kuehn Bevel edges and can even provide a backsplash and wall trim made to your design specifications.


Kuehn Bevel Decorative Edge Products are a durable and cost effective way to add beauty and value to a kitchen or bath. Customizing your Formica countertop, adds the perfect touch to personalize any project in your home. We invite you to explore our options and see the difference living on the edge with Kuehn Bevel can make.

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