Countertop Edges for Laminates

Formica® Countertops, Not Your Mother’s Laminate..

Laminate kitchen countertops first became popular in the 1950s, but they’ve maintained a time-tested appeal in the 21st century through innovative style and design, as well as for affordability. A countertop legend among laminate providers, Formica has been synonymous with high quality low cost cabinet design for decades.

The right Formica® laminate countertop can be truly breath taking and can reinvent your counter surfaces. With over 200 colors and styles to choose from, there is a Formica option for every visual palette.


In 1998, Kuehn Bevel, partnered with Formica to make the very first beveled edge product for a laminate countertop manufacturer. Their alliance brought customers a profound selection of Formica® countertop edge treatments that can even mimic the aesthetic quality often found on more expensive surfaces like granite, marble or quartz but for a much more affordable price.

How to Choose the Right Formica Countertop Edge for Your Project

Countertop edges, though a small detail, should NEVER be overlooked. A Formica® laminate countertop can truly be a work of art, but only if it has the right edge to match. Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel, building a new kitchen, or have decided to update your countertops to match your new cabinet re-facing project, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing your Formica® countertop edges:

Countertop Color: Kuehn Bevel quality decorative edge molding products, you can coordinate your Formica with Kuehn Bevel decorative edge treatments.

Countertop Textures: Formica® has mastered the production of laminate countertops that flawlessly imitate its more expensive friends such as granite and marble. Kurv Edges can mimic the look of conventional stone countertops perfectly matching Formica® stone patterns.

Edge Profile: After choosing your kitchen countertop the important next step is to select the edge profile that will go along all of the exposed areas of your kitchen countertop.

Avoiding the Formidable “Brown” Seem: With Kuehn Bevel decoration edging you can instantly eliminate the flat edges and brown seams traditionally associated with laminate surfaces. Our Formica® countertop edges bring a design element that softens and blends a seamless look for any laminate countertop color.

The Benefits of Kuehn Bevel Edges for your Formica Countertops

Kuehn Bevel decorative edge products are durable, cost effective and offer a unique edge treatment upgrade over conventional edging products. Check out the benefits of choosing Kuehn Bevel edges for your Formica® countertops:

Infinite Possibilities. With the more than 200 styles and colors offered by Formica® including laminate countertop surfaces that mimic the look of stone, Kuehn Bevel has edges to match them all.

Sophisticated Edge Profiles. Kuehn Bevel is the premier manufacturer of quality decorative edge molding products — including laminate bevel edge, solid surface edges and hardwood accent edges for laminate countertops.

No “Brown” Laminate Line. Formica® loses the dark seam by adding a decorative edge. Between the choice of realistic natural stone patterns, and Kuehn Bevel decorative edging options, you can achieve a beautiful finished edge, minus the “brown” laminate line.

Innovative Applications. You can incorporate decorative edging into more than just your Formica® countertops including backsplash, cabinet doors, table tops, desk tops, drawer fronts, chair rail, baseboard and more.

Dress Up Your Formica Countertop. You can get our countertop edges in the full range of Formica® Brand colors and patterns. Add a decorative bevel edge in matching or contrasting style for a designer look with dimension, detail and depth that fits within any budget.

Transcend the limits of yesterday’s laminate with the versatility, durability and style of Formica® laminate and Kuehn Bevel decorative edging. We pride ourselves on the variety of our countertop edge options – the many shapes and materials we offer – as much as on the care we take in production and packaging. We want you to get them in the same perfect condition we design and produce them in.

For more information on Kuehn Bevel edges for Formica countertops, click here.

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