Formica 3465-12RD Golden Mascarello

Formica 3465-12RD Golden Mascarello

If you’re looking to add a welcoming, refined look and feel to your kitchen or bathroom, you cannot go wrong with Formica 3465-12RD Golden Mascarello edging for laminate countertops. Kuehn Bevel’s beautiful, top of the line laminate countertop edges are certain to last for years and impart both value and style to your home. They are easy to clean, damage resistant with normal use, and provide a perfect surface for kitchen tasks such as cutting and cleaning.

Golden Mascarello is a rich, and bold texture with heavy ivory tones, shot through with fissures of dark metallic stone, copper and silver. It is both Spartan, and lush in its severity and craggy lushness. This pattern is suitable for any kitchen, lending itself best perhaps to spaces composed of hard surfaces- as most kitchens are.

If you want to add lasting value to your home- these laminate countertop edges come with an impressive range of options for you to choose from. Choose one of our stylish Kurv edges for a high-end look without a high-end price. They are a perfect choice for your renovation project. The classic Golden Mascarello pattern in any of our Kurv edges will create the atmosphere you’re looking for and, best of all, they will never go out of style.

Your laminate countertop edge trim will be delivered and assembled according to our high standard of craftsmanship and the best in customer service.

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