Formica 3462-1246 Slate Sequoia

Formica Slate Sequoia

Looking at the Formica 3462-1246 Slate Sequoia laminate countertop brings to mind the endless serenity of sequoia trees, with a traditional look that still reflects a more modern design trend. Warm brown slide gently into lighter shades of ivory and green, allowing you a wide range of creativity for finding cabinets that will complement this design. The rich amber depths of the finish are fully-saturated and offer exceptional patterns and a truly unique look for your home. A vivid white or cream-colored cabinet would lend itself well to this countertop design, as would a natural wood or bamboo flooring in a range of shades.

At Kuehn Bevel, we work closely with installation professionals to ensure that your countertop edges perfectly match both your style philosophy and look as well s the design of your laminate. Contact our friendly team today at 1-800-TO-BEVEL or via email to You can also visit us online anytime at to see the various corner options that are available for your laminate countertops.

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