Formica 3456-1246 River Gold

Formica 3456-1246 River Gold

Beautiful kitchens sell homes. It’s as simple as that. The kitchen is the heart of the home, which makes them a focal point for buyers. You can’t go wrong when choosing Formica 3456-1246, River Gold, for the countertops when designing and building kitchens in your homes.

The warm countertops contrast beautifully with darker cabinet colors and stains. Plus, the warm color combination of golds, grays, and browns work together to create a stunning vision when combined with the look of hardwood flooring. Couple that with a variety of laminate countertop edges options and you have stunning countertops that are sure to receive rave reviews from home buyers.

The beautiful range of warm colors in the River Gold laminate finish offers a variety of laminate countertop edge trim options, allowing you to design multiple kitchens that look and feel very different, even while using the same countertops. Plus, you get all the benefits of outstanding Formica laminate countertops, such as resistance to staining and impacts, easy cleaning and maintenance, and the ability to use on horizontal or vertical surfaces for greater variety and versatility and to create beautiful Formica laminate countertop edges since edging for laminate countertops is almost as important as the countertops themselves.

Take your countertops to the next level with Kurv edges! These edges are a series of contoured, rounded edge styles made from a single piece of laminate. This means that there are no seams at all. No other edge manufacturer in the world is able to duplicate our unique process for making these visually stunning, long lasting, smooth edges. They have become the edge of choice for contractors building kitchens and bathrooms that want a high-end look, without a high-end price.

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