Formica 3450-12RD Mineral Jet

Formica 3450-12RD Mineral Jet

Build beautiful kitchens designed to win the heart of value-conscious consumers with a variety of laminate countertop edges options from Kuehn Bevel. The Mineral Jet shade offers a stunning black base with shimmering flecks that appear to catch the light. The color pairs beautifully with both light and dark cabinets and is a stunning contrast to lightly colored laminate and tile floors.

Builders, especially, will appreciate the versatility and affordability represented by pairing Formica laminate countertops with Kuehn Bevel laminate countertop edges. The combination is one that allows you to accomplish more luxury touches in the kitchens you create without kicking the price of your project into overdrive. This is especially true of Kurv edges. No other edge manufacturer in the world is able to duplicate our unique process for making these visually stunning, long lasting, smooth edges and they have become the edge of choice for kitchens and bathrooms that want a high-end look, without a high-end price.

The key is to offer stunning kitchens that don’t price the homes out of the current buyer’s market. Choosing the right touches in the kitchen, such as custom hardware along with beautiful edging for laminate countertops you can give home buyers the experience of a high-end kitchen they can afford. More importantly, using a laminate countertop edge trim allows you to include a seamless look to countertops your buyers are sure to appreciate and covet.

It’s time to give laminate a second look and Mineral Jet is the perfect color choice for builders eager to impress with kitchens that are timeless, elegant, and simply beautiful.

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