Formica 3422-12RD Crema Mascarello

Formica 3422-12RD Crema Mascarello

All of the shades of rich coffee and cream come together in the Formica 3422-12RD Crema Mascarello laminate countertop edge trim. From the lightest shade of soft beige to a deeper warm brown, this Premium Radiance finish edging for laminate countertops is sure to bring a touch of luxury to your home. Whether you select a flat back or step back, single or double bevel, you have plenty of customization available with these laminate countertop edges.

Designers and homeowners alike have long appreciated Formica laminate countertops for their durability and great style, and Kuehn Bevels laminate countertop edges provide an added level of distinction to your kitchen or bathroom. The high-quality options allow you to bring any design to life and express your personal vision for your home in a way that fits with your overall design.

Formica 3422-12RD Crema Mascarello is designed to form a seamless match with your existing countertops, providing a unique and finished look that you will enjoy for many years to come. This particular design is reminiscent of an exceptional Italian marble pattern that would be found in the most expensive locations in the world. Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with this stunning style and select from your choice of laminate counter edges!

Take your countertops to the next level with Kurv edges! These edges are a series of contoured, rounded edge styles made from one piece of laminate, which mean that there are no seams. No other edge manufacturer in the world is able to duplicate our unique process for making these visually stunning, long lasting, smooth edges. They have become the edge of choice for kitchens and bathrooms that want a high-end look, without a high-end price.

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