Decorative Laminate Edge Options for your Countertop

Countertops made of laminates like Formica®, and Wilsonart® have always been the most cost effective choice in materials for your new or remodeled kitchen or bath.

What if they were now also the best looking and most versatile choice?

At Kuehn Bevel, we manufacture decorative edging for laminate countertops. In fact we pioneered the development of laminate edge molding all the way back in 1987, and still offer the widest variety of designer countertop edge products in the world

One of our designer kitchens finished with our Type 1 matching beveled edges.
One of our designer kitchens finished with our Type 1 matching beveled edges.

A laminate countertop made with a Kuehn Bevel Edge, can result in affordable elegance for you or your clients. You can bring new life to high-pressure laminate countertops with our decorative edge moldings, manufactured from moisture- resistant MDF for unsurpassed strength and durability. With matching or contrasting edges in:

  • Laminate (Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite®, Nevamar®)
  • Solid Surface materials (Corian®, Wilsonart®)
  • Wood and wood/laminate
  • Lakor™ (A mix of Solid Surface and laminates)

You can create a distinctive designer look confidently and cost-effectively. Choose from unique, architectural options to add the perfect finishing touch to countertops, vanities, tables, and desks. And best of all, Kuehn Bevel edges can be added to any Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite® or Nevamar® countertops you already work with.

How to Order Countertops with a Kuehn Bevel edge. (For Consumers and Designers)

Step 1: Choose your laminate countertop style or color from any manufacturer.
Step 2: Add a personal touch to your countertops with Kuehn Bevel decorative edge molding in laminate, solid surface, wood or LAKOR™. See our entire line of laminate countertop edging options.
Step 3: Pick out any matching or contrasting backsplashes or wall moldings to complete your design concept in the room.
Step 4: Contact a Kuehn Bevel Fabricator near you from our nationwide network of installers by using our installer finder. Or simply have your own kitchen guy call us directly at 1-800-862-3835.
Step 4: Your countertop fabricator will measure and install your countertop with Kuehn Bevel edges and can even provide a backsplash and wall trim made to your design specifications.

For Countertop Fabricators and Professional Installers.

Our products can be found through national distributors or non-stock items can be ordered directly from the factory. Please contact us directly for a distributor near you or click here for a list of installers.

Add a Tailored Finish to Laminate Countertop Edging

Lovingly referred to as the “countertop chameleon”, laminate can look like more expensive materials from elegant marble to earthy granite, at a great value. With so many style options in laminate countertops, Kuehn Bevel is the only company in the world to offer so many edge styles in every current laminate pattern or color from every major laminate manufacturer.

Laminate Countertop Bevel Edges
Our Beveled Edge laminate countertops come in both single and double bevel designs that add depth and a finished look.
See all our bevel edge products here
KURV Edges
Kurv Edges by Kuehn Bevel, present a smooth polished finish to your countertop edge in any of 4 different subtle contours.
Matching backsplashes and “T” type backs available on all products.
Wood Edge Moldings
For a twist on traditional countertop edges, consider a paintable or stainable wood edge molding that comes in a variety of bevel or rounded shapes.
Wood edges can be mixed with laminate strips for an even more unique edge.
Solid Surface edge moldings
Solid surface countertop edges like Corian and Wilsonart come stock in black, white and almond.
For custom colors please call the factory.
LAKOR Countertop Edges
(Hybrid Edges)
LAKOR is one of the most stunning countertop edge design concepts ever created and a Kuehn Bevel exclusive.
Made from a combination of solid surface and laminate materials, it can be used in both kitchen and bath designs to create a truly unique feeling.

More Laminate Countertop Edge Options than Any Other Manufacturer

Our decorative edge moldings represent a unique edge treatment upgrade over conventional edging products with unlimited accent design possibilities and the look of a solid surface product at a fraction of the cost. The ability to dress up your laminate countertop edge by adding dimension, detail and depth, is the biggest reason why the Kuehn Bevel edge is so popular and allow thousands of homeowners to make the choice to save money without compromising design aesthetics in the kitchen or bath.

Kuehn Bevel Decorative Edge Moldings

Laminate kitchen countertops offer an attractive option for consumers looking for a budget-friendly surface, a variety of patterns and colors, and a nonporous material that’s both low-maintenance easy to maintain. Now you can take your laminate countertops to the next level with Kuehn Bevel sculpted laminate edges.

To see our full line of edges, click here.

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