Granite like Faux Countertops At A Fraction of the Cost

  • Looking for the cultured marble look without the cultured marble price?
  • Has the price of manufactured Quartz made you Queasy?
  • Afraid of the cost and complexity of installing a Granite Surface?

Using a Kuehn Bevel Edge with one of the many faux stone laminate options now available from manufacturers like Formica® and Wilsonart®, opens up a world of affordable design options you never thought possible.

Formica That Looks Like Granite, with Designer Edges

With dozens of colorful, earthy laminate designs to choose from with matching or contrasting edges from Kuehn Bevel, your faux granite countertop can evolve beyond the look of pure granite.


The 180fx line by Formica® offers a wide variety of true-to-scale faux granite countertop patterns that offer the same visual drama and high style finish as granite. Design options are actually improved over granite as Kuehn Bevel edges can be selected in contrasting looks and contours including both beveled edges and our industry standard KURV Edges product.

Or if you prefer, select a matching edge in virtually any of the standard granite edge countours and with professional installation, we challenge you to see the difference between our countertop and a granite or marble surface.

Actually there’s one place you’ll see the difference: In your wallet!

Faux Countertops with Laminate that Looks Like Marble

It’s rare in life that you can spend less money to get something better. But in terms of design choices and versatility, it’s hard to beat the combination of a high quality laminate with a Kuehn Bevel Edge.

wall trim molding ideas

The clean look of white marble with our matching beveled edge product can add a unique touch.


Something more Regal? Try doing this kind of edge styling with granite or marble!


The warmth of wood, draws out the light brown tones in the surface and creates that homey feeling.

Other Interior Design Elements

In the 30 years since Kuehn Bevel pioneered the laminate countertop edge industry, clients, designers and installers have been quite creative with our products. The fact is that design choices using our edge products don’t end at your countertop edge.

Chair Rail Moldings using Kuehn Bevel Laminate Wall Moldings:

wall trim molding ideas

To pick up even more design interest, any of our edge products can be purchased for wall mounting, to bring textural and visual elements into a room. These moldings can be manufactured in all standard designs offered by the major laminate and solid surface manufacturers enhancing the options available to the designer.

Please visit our wall molding and sill molding products product pages.

Faux Granite Backsplashes by Kuehn Bevel

Kuehn Bevel will construct standard 4 inch backsplashes in any laminate surface with different options for edge detail. These backsplashes are pre-made at our factory and shipped directly to you.

Design Your Countertop On the Edge

Kuehn Bevel manufactures all faux granite countertop edges in all colors offered by Formica®, Wilsonart®, Pionite®, and Nevamar®. All you need to do is pick your countertop material, and pick your edge. Our products are in-stock at leading distributors across the country and your local installer will build exactly the countertop you want, with the edge detail you love.

And don’t forget that Kuehn Bevel provides unique edge styles made from solid surface materials too like Corian®, and Wilsonart®.

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