Expert Designer Tips And Tweaks To Enhance Your Kitchen Remodel

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Want to get the most out of your kitchen remodel? Read these designer tips from the specialists in countertop edges at Kuehn Bevel!

  • Plan for enough storage: The best kitchens are those with clear countertop space that contain everything you need without looking cluttered, and this means planning for plenty of storage. Pantries are invaluable for this, as are cabinets that reach to the ceiling. The higher shelves won’t be as easily accessible, but they make great storage for items that are only used on certain occasions, like Christmas. Other good storage ideas include small shelving units inside cabinet doors, ceiling-mounted racks for pots and skillets, and hooks on doors for storing mops and aprons.
  • Lighting: Kitchens need several types of lighting – natural light from windows or skylights, overhead lighting and workspace lighting. Under counter lights are fantastic for keeping workspaces well-lit.
  • Plugs: All your appliances need power, and there need to be enough plugs to not only power the appliances you use all the time, but also to ensure you can place your appliances properly in your kitchen and take on any additional power sources when needed. For example, your fridge, dishwasher and microwave will stay plugged in, but you’ll need other countertop plugs for your blender, phone charger and other smaller items.
  • Range hoods: A well-ventilated kitchen is a good kitchen, especially these days where our kitchens are part of an open plan house and are used for entertaining – the last thing you want is food smells lingering through your whole home. Installing a range hood is a great and effective option that often offers additional lighting as well. Choose one that is quiet, vents to the outside, and is energy-efficient.
  • Plan for your bins: Bins are a necessary part of the kitchen, but not necessarily a very pleasant one! With a bit of planning, you can have your bins out of the way inside specially designed cupboards, or positioned out of sight. Remember to put them in a place that is easy to reach when preparing food or clearing plates.

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For more information about our countertop edge profiles, please contact us and speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, or visit our website at today.

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