What is the excitement around Formica’s 180FX laminates all about?

Formica’s 180FX range is the talk of the town for anyone looking to remodel their kitchen – and it’s not difficult to see why.

  • It looks great: Laminate countertops have long been considered an unfashionable kitchen countertop choice, especially now in a time where kitchens have become the focal point of your home. But these countertops have to be seen to be believed – most people can’t believe that they’re laminate at all! With designs taken directly from the most desirable natural stones and expertly rendered onto high quality materials, the result is a countertop that is just as attractive as the real thing.
  • It’s easier to care for: While you do need to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly onto the laminate, or cutting onto the laminate with knives, the same can be said of almost any other kitchen countertop surface material, including granite and marble. Beyond that, laminate is incredibly easy to care for compared to other alternatives – simply wipe down with a gentle household cleaner. It’s water resistant, non-porous and highly durable – especially when combined with Formica countertop edges – making it the perfect surface for any kitchen workspace.
  • It has variety on a budget: Kitchens are incredibly expensive to remodel, and when you are choosing natural stones you can be in for a big shock at the price variations. This is because there is limited supply of natural stones, and much of it has to be shipped in from other parts of the country. There’s no such price scare with this laminate however, as although the designs are taken from a huge range of natural stones, they are all manufactured in the same place. So, you can get Carrera marble without having to have yours flown in from Italy!

Complete your look with high-quality custom countertop edge options 

At Kuehn Bevel, we work with Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart to Corian and other leading brands, giving you access to the most extensive range of laminate patterns, textures and designs for your countertop edges. With our technology and design process, we can offer a huge range of custom combinations and product styles, letting you have full control over how the finished product will look. We also offer custom designed laminate backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms.

For more information about our Formica countertop edges or laminate countertop edging, or to speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, please contact us today at https://www.kuehnbevel.com/ .

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