How To Design A Game Room For Your Home

For today’s homeowners, a game room isn’t something that’s just for the kids – it’s entertainment for all ages and an integral part of the home. Here are some tips on how to design a game room, from our specialists in countertop edge profiles.

  • Plan out your space: A great game room isn’t just a space crammed full of activities – it’s a carefully thought-out space. Prioritize your activities and ensure that you have enough room around each activity (keep 3-5 additional space around game tables for easy movement), so you don’t crowd the space for others.
  • Place each activity in a suitable spot: Multiple activities might be happening in the same space, so consider you choices before setting anything in stone. For example, you may want a TV placed where any activity can see it or want more privacy for quieter games while placing more social games by your bar.
  • Lighting: Good lighting needs to be made available to each of your focal points. Once you’ve planned where each table will go, run lighting cables so there is sufficient task lighting for the game. Remember to make ambient lighting separate or adjustable for each section so you can create a great atmosphere without over-lighting the whole space.
  • Soundproofing: Game rooms can get loud, especially when there is more than one activity on the go and the TV is on. Soundproofing can be easily installed and prevents echoing in large spaces, as well as stopping sound from going too far into the rest of your home.
  • Seating: Make sure there is adequate seating for game tables as well as occasional seating for anyone just looking to put their feet up and relax. It’s a good idea to consider furniture that can be moved around easily to accommodate different needs, and extra chairs that can be stacked up out of the way for smaller gatherings.
  • Gathering space and storage: Don’t forget about additional entertainment features like a bar, or storage and countertop space for games and equipment. This makes your space a real center for entertainment as well as making it convenient and easy to use. Go for laminate products if you are looking for something that looks great, that you can get creative with, and care for easily – without breaking the budget.

Countertop Edge Profiles Add Style and Durability To Your Space 

At Kuehn Bevel, we use over 20 years of experience and the latest countertop edge profile manufacturing technology to ensure that you get highly durable and stylish results at an affordable price. We also work with all the top laminate countertop brands, making us a leading provider of game room, workshop, bathroom and kitchen countertop edge options, including Wilsonart and Formica edges.

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