How To Create A Functional, Attractive Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are hardworking spaces, especially if you have kids and pets, but they often aren’t very pleasant to look at or use – but this doesn’t need to be the case. Here are some tips for creating a laundry space that works for your home as well as adding aesthetic appeal.

Top tips from the professionals in laminate countertop edges 

  • A utility sink: This is one of the workhorses of your space, rinsing off boots and plant pots, dirty dog leads and kitchen overflow. Choosing a big sink is a practical decision, but you can enhance this feature by opting for an apron-front farmhouse sink and fitting it with a designer, extendable faucet that allows you that extra flexibility and function.
  • Light and airy: These are often small spaces, so having enough light is essential. Light, fresh paint and cabinetry colors (think white, mint, pale grey or pale blue), combined with sufficient natural or electric lighting will take away the gloom and make it a much friendlier space.
  • Organization: A lot has to go on in this space, so organization is key. This includes space for appliances, countertops for prep and clothes, cupboards and shelves for washing powder and other household items. Remember to have a tall storage space for your ironing board, vacuum and brooms, and include key hooks and blackboards on the wall to free up your counters from becoming a dumping ground.
  • Easy to clean: This room is all about mess, so making it easy to clean will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Cupboards collect less dust than shelves, and countertops should be easy to wipe down and able to withstand hard work – laminate is a great option for these very reasons. Flooring is also important here, so try to minimize nooks and crannies, and install water-resistant flooring that can be mopped or swept with ease.

Edging keeps your hardworking laminate countertops in great shape 

At Kuehn Bevel, we offer expertly manufactured kitchen countertop edge options and profiles to enhance and protect your investment. Whether you need laminate countertop edging options, beveled edge laminate countertops, or Formica edges, we can offer you a design, edge profile and final product that adds style and durability to your space without breaking your budget.

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