How To Create A Crafting Room

Make the perfect hobby and craft room with these tips from our Kuehn Bevel team, the specialists in countertop edge profiles.

  • Sturdy table: This is the most important item for your crafting room, and it should be big, level and offer plenty of surface space onto which you can spread your crafting materials.
  • Shelving: Whatever your crafting hobby, you’re going to need lots of shelves to keep different materials and tools. We recommend stocking them with clear, plastic boxes so it’s easy to find, organize and access your materials.
  • Countertops: If you have the space, countertops are a great addition to any crafting space. They allow you to map out your work in stages more easily, and utilize different stations without moving too much. Be sure to install these at the right height so that you aren’t bent over them at an angle that’s bad for your back. They should also be made of a hardwearing material that can withstand heavy work, like laminate countertops.
  • Good lighting: There should ideally be both natural and artificial light to ensure that you don’t suffer from eyestrain. Natural light is healthier for mind and body, and is less stressful to the eyes, while artificial light is a great help for darker corners and close work at night. Natural light is also ideal for photographing your work.
  • Pegboard: These are invaluable crafting tools and can be used for anything from hooking up tools in an easy-to-reach storage space, mounting patterns, and even tracking your work. Another great tool-storage trick is to fix a magnetic strip near your work station to store scissors and other metal tools.
  • An ergonomic chair: If you spend a lot of time sitting while you craft, you’ll need an ergonomic chair that will properly support your body so that you don’t end up with back pain. Try to find one with wheels too, as this is a great help when it comes to moving from station to station.

Add a custom touch to your craft room with countertop edge profiles 

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