Concrete Vs. Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Two of the most popular and modern countertop options for kitchens are concrete and expertly designed laminate. But how do you choose between two such very different materials? Here are some pros and cons from the specialists in kitchen countertop edges:

Everything you need to know about concrete kitchen countertops 

Edgy, industrial and hard wearing, concrete countertops are a serious fashion statement in the kitchen. They are not just available in uniform gray either: by using different aggregates (stone added in the mixing stage), homeowners can create a huge range of custom countertops. Some of the most popular decorative aggregates include colored glass, crushed tiles, quartz, and even seashells. A tough material, concrete countertops can easily withstand the wear and tear from even the busiest kitchens. It’s also heat resistant and won’t scratch easily.

Unfortunately, there are cons to using this material in the kitchen:

  • It is expensive as it costs as much or more than granite, depending on your supplier.
  • Your kitchen cabinets and flooring must be designed to withstand the significant weight of the countertops, which often means an additional cost.
  • Labor for installing these countertops can also run high.

If you are considering these countertops, it’s important to work the cost of maintenance into your budget, as they will have to be sealed on installation and resealed every 1 to 3 years to prevent staining and damage.

How do laminate countertops compare? 

Laminate countertops used to be the ugly sister in the kitchen remodeling family, but that’s no longer the case. New design and manufacturing technology has brought laminate into the 21st century, making it a highly competitive option when compared to other countertops, including concrete.

Due to the versatility of the manufacturing process, homeowners have access to high-quality laminate countertops that is almost indistinguishable from concrete, marble, granite, and even wood. A fraction of the cost of concrete but with high levels of durability; heat and scratch resistant; laminate offers a quality alternative with the same great look. Unlike concrete countertops, they are easily installed without any special requirements for your cabinetry or flooring. Many people even take this on as a DIY project to save even more.

Eliminate the “brown line” with high-quality, custom laminate countertop edging options

At Kuehn Bevel, we offer expertly manufactured kitchen countertop edge options and profiles to enhance and protect your investment. Whether you need laminate countertop edging options or Formica edges, we can offer you a design, edge profile, and final product that adds style to your space without breaking your budget.

For more information about our products speak to the friendly sales staff at your local installers or please contact us or visit our website at

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