Choosing a laminate countertop edging supplier

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Let’s face it – even when you are investing in the highest quality laminate countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, the countertop edge options from the manufacturer can leave you feeling less than inspired. Whether you’re choosing to invest in other edging options to enhance the durability of your countertops or to give them that stylish finishing touch, here are some simple questions to ask to help find the right supplier.

  • How long have they been in business? Like any business, the quality of their work is integral to their reputation. If the business has only been around a short amount of time, you might not be assured of getting the results you’re looking for. If you will find plenty of information – from their galleries of past work to testimonials from past clients – that will guarantee your satisfaction with the end result.
  • Do they have locations in your area? Finding a great company online is perfect until you realize that they simply can’t get their product to your area. Instead, look for a manufacturer that has a strong national network of suppliers. This will mean that you can see their product firsthand, have it supplied and delivered affordably. The company can also recommend a local installer with direct product experience to assist you.
  • Do they offer you a wide range of options? Laminate is a very versatile material that can be manufactured into a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for edges that match your granite-like countertops, incorporate a contrasting material like solid wood or incorporate an interesting profile, your supplier should be able to guarantee you a wide range of laminate countertop edging options.
  • What is their manufacturing process? The manufacturing process is key to the quality of your countertop edges. Most laminate countertop manufacturers do not invest as much in the edging process, which is why they often lack the quality and styles you are looking for. With the right manufacturing process, you will get an edging product that is highly durable and styled to your specifications to enhance your aesthetic and protect your countertops properly.

America’s leaders in expertly manufactured countertop edge options 

At Kuehn Bevel, we have a reputation for quality and manufacturing excellence that has made us the leading manufacturer of laminate countertop edging options. Working with all the biggest brands, from Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart to Corian and more, we offer the widest range of durable countertop edges on the market.

Manufactured to the highest quality, our edging profile options are suited to any kitchen style and include bevel edges, Kurve edges, solid surface edges and wood. Whether you are looking for the ideal edges for Formica countertops or want to add a creative and decorative touch to your space, our suppliers can assist you.

Please contact us today and speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers for more information.

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