What Were the Best Kitchen Products For 2017?

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Whether you’re stocking a new kitchen, replacing old items or love experimenting with the latest tech, it’s always good to know what kitchen products are trending. Here are some of 2017’s best must-have items for your home from our laminate countertop edging team.

  1. Organic Wooden Bamboo Utensils:

Beautiful to look at, great to use, and eco-friendly as well, these utensils have everything going for them. Although the wood gives them a traditional feel, you can find designs that look great even in the most modern kitchen.

  1. Sous-Vide Cookers:

The trendy alternative to slow-cookers, the sous-vide has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years thanks to a simple, effective design as well as its use on the top cooking shows. While it sounds incredibly fussy and fancy, it involves nothing more than sealing food in plastic and popping it into the cooker, where all the work is done for you. It’s fantastic for rib-eye steaks, poaching pears and cooking fish too!

  1. Microplane Graters:

Incredibly sharp and effective, these hand-held graters are easy to use and easier to clean. Grate anything from chocolate and parmesan to lemon zest and potatoes, then simply put it in the dishwasher.

  1. Cake Decorating Sets:

Baking is seeing a huge surge in popularity, and learning some simple decorating tricks is all you need to take your cake and turn it into a work of art! From disposable pastry bags and edible marking pens to fun icing nozzles and cut-outs, you’ll make birthdays and other special events a breeze.

  1. Spiralizer:

Add a touch of fun to your cooking with a spiralizer, a small, simple device that adds creativity and makes healthy eating easier. These are great for making zucchini spaghetti, carrot ribbons, sweet potato curly fries, and cucumber ribbons.

  1. Wi-Fi-Enabled Helpers:

From the Amazon Dash and the Hiku to GeniCan, tech is helping us make grocery shopping easier by generating automated shopping lists and recording what we use. Some, like the Dash, also include grocery selection and delivery services!

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