What Are The Best Kitchen Flooring Options Out There?

kitchen countertop edge options

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the biggest and most critical home improvement projects you can take on, not just because of the different practical elements that have to fit into the space, but because our kitchens have become so much more than just areas where meals are made. These spaces are the true heart of the home – it’s where we explore our cooking talents, where our kids do their homework, and where friends and family gather for an evening together. This makes choosing the right design and materials – from kitchen countertop edges to furniture – for these spaces a challenge, and finding the right floor is one of the most important decisions homeowners need to make. Here are some of the best options, recommended by our team.

  • Stone and tile: Your floors will need to stand up to heavy traffic, mess and spills – and still look good. Stone and tile options are one of the best ways to achieve this, and there’s an option for almost any price range, although it can become expensive especially when labor is considered. Be sure to choose an option that is slip-resistant and non-porous to avoid dangerous falls and unsightly stains. It can also be a very cold floor in the winter, so be sure that you have adequate heating.
  • Cork flooring: This is quite a New Age flooring concept, offering an eco-friendly choice for homeowners who want a more environmentally friendly home. It’s made from bark that is carefully harvested every 8-10 years from specially cultivated forests, so no trees are felled for this product. It’s waterproof, slip-proof and compressible, making it a comfortable floor to walk on without the coldness of stone or tiles. It will need resealing every 4 years or so, but is very affordable to buy and install.
  • Hardwood: This is a classic look that will never make your kitchen look dated. It’s warm, elegant and never goes out of style, as well as being durable, low-maintenance and water resistant. Using an engineered hardwood is often the better choice for kitchens, as it is constructed to create less movement, swelling and cracking than traditional hardwood. It’s a more expensive flooring option, but often worth it simply for adding value to your home.

Remodeling? We have the kitchen countertop edges you’re looking for!

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