The best features, countertops and edging for your outdoor kitchen

The winter months are the perfect time to start planning your outdoor home renovations – and, if you live in a milder climate, get to work on them! Outdoor kitchens are a huge trend in home remodeling, especially for families that love entertaining. Here are some tips for planning your own outdoor kitchen, from the experts in manufacturing laminate countertop edges.

  • Pick a good location: Ideally, you want somewhere where the smoke from your grill won’t drift into your home, where it’s fairly close to your kitchen, and where there’s a nice view but doesn’t block your home’s outlook. If you have a pool, you might want it to one side or within viewing distance, to make it easier to socialize and watch the kids.
  • Appliances and storage: In addition to the grill, most people want a refrigerator, plenty of storage and even other cooking appliances like pizza ovens. Knowing how many appliances you want and their size will help determine how big your outdoor kitchen needs to be. Be sure to choose appliance that are specifically for outdoor use, as these will be watertight and better able to handle temperature fluctuations.
  • Choose the right countertops and edging: If your outdoor kitchen is under a covered area, laminate is a great choice for your countertops. Easy to install, affordable, hygienic and hardwearing, it will be able to stand up to the elements as long as it is kept out of the rain. Adding custom edging not only gives it a unique look, it also further increases it’s durability.
  • Add some ambience: Outdoor kitchens are about entertaining and enjoying nature, so be sure to incorporate this through open seating areas, lighting, natural touches and outdoor decor.

Expertly crafted, affordable laminate countertop edging options 

With over 20 years of experience, Kuehn Bevel are the people to see when you want exceptional quality edging options for your laminate countertops. With a wide range of decorative options to suit all the top laminate countertop brands, we’ll deliver a product that is expertly manufactured and designed to your specifications. From beveled edge laminate countertops to Formica and Corian countertop edges, we can deliver it all.

Please contact us today and speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers for more information on our countertop edge options.

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