What are the most beautiful, high-end granite like laminate countertop options?

Granite like laminate is the perfect option for anyone looking for a high-end look for their kitchen or bathroom without having to break the budget. These are the top picks for the some of the most attractive choices out there, from the specialists in countertop edge options.

  • Blackstone Granite: This is a Formica laminate that offers a textured look in black with grey and lighter flecks that give it depth and drama. It’s a classic stone that looks great with almost any style space.
  • Brazilian Brown Granite: Another Formica laminate countertop option, this offers a warmer look with equal mix of flecks of greys, brown and white.
  • Bahia Granite: This is a great option from Wilsonart that gives your space a deep, dramatic look with a true black color warmed up with smaller flecks of golden browns.
  • Santo Azul: Also from Wilsonart, this is a great option if you are looking to enhance blues and grays in your space. It’s an unusual and elegant granite look that is softened by flecks of golden brown.
  • Blue Storm: If you want an intense and modern look for your countertops, this is the option for you. With dramatic swirls of golden creams and brown in a deep grey background, this stone look is one in a million.
  • Blue Flower Granite: This Formica granite look is great for neutral, elegant spaces that need a touch of color without overwhelming the room. This soft, creamy color is enhanced with blue-gray crystals for a unique and high-end look.
  • River Gold: Another offering from Formica, this creamy, golden granite laminate looks rich and luxurious whether it’s in a kitchen, bathroom or office space. Its neutral look makes for high-end appeal and that essential touch of glamour.

Custom countertop edge options for additional durability and style 

At Kuehn Bevel, we work with Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart to Corian and other leading brands, giving you access to the most extensive range of laminate patterns, textures and designs for your countertop edges. With our technology and design process, we can offer a huge range of custom combinations and product styles, letting you have full control over how the finished product will look. We also offer custom designed laminate backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms.

For more information about our countertop edging, edges for granite like laminate or Formica ideal edges, or to speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers, please contact us today at kuehnbeve.wpengine.com.

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