5 reasons customers love Kuehn Bevel laminate countertop edges

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No kitchen is complete without the right countertop edges – they’re the perfect finishing touch and the ultimate design addition. Here’s why our edging options for laminate kitchen countertops are leading the way:

  1. They’re affordable: Our aim is to provide luxury finishes without the price tag. No matter the size of your budget, these elegant edging options are perfect for any style.
  2. They’re high-quality: With us, affordability doesn’t mean low quality. In fact, our edging options are better made than any standard stock edging. Our high-tech bonding process also ensures that our edging is seamlessly attached for an expertly crafted result.
  3. They protect your countertops: Remodeling your kitchen is a costly process, so it’s important that your countertops last for years to come. With high-quality edging, your countertops receive additional protection, making them even more durable – ideal for the heart of your home!
  4. They’re unique: Kitchens combine function with style, and your design deserves to have a unique look. With access to hundreds of different patterns and styles, different materials (including wood and solid surface) and different designs (including single and double bevel, subtle curves and bullnose edges), you can come up with your own, unique look.
  5. They’re widely available: Our products are sold nationally through a large network of trusted wholesale distributors and authorized countertop fabricators, making it easy to find our products anywhere across North America.

Discover affordable, durable laminate kitchen countertop edging

Kuehn Bevel is a leading manufacturer of decorative countertop edging with edging options available in laminate, solid surface and wood. We provide our clients a stylishly wide selection of laminate countertop edges, the perfect design enhancement to your kitchen laminate countertops.

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