The 5 most popular kitchen countertop edge options

Kitchen countertop edges are one of the most popular ways to give your remodel a, designer finish without the designer price tag. Here, Keuhn Bevel, leaders in laminate countertop edging technology, showcase our most popular edging options.

  1. Laminate beveled edges: Available in a range of materials from matching laminate, solid surface, wood or a combination of materials, these edges lend your countertops a luxurious and defined look without the High Street price tag. Choose between single or double beveled edges that perfectly compliment your kitchen space for a unique and elegant look.
  2. Solid surface edges: Made from the highest quality laminate products from leading brands, these edges offer the rich colors and seamless surfaces that customers expect from much more expensive countertop products. In addition to countertop edging, you can also invest in a matching backsplash to complete the look.
  3. Wood edges: If you want to add contrast and a natural touch to your countertops, wood edging will provide it. Available in Red Oak, Maple and Cherry wood in a variety of profiles including bullnose, bevel and with laminate inserts, these edges can be applied with stylish effect.
  4. Lakor edges: These molded laminate edges allow you to mix solid surface with laminate to create a unique designer effect. You can match your laminate to the top brands or choose a different color for striking effect, as well as extend the look to your backsplash.
  5. Kurv edges: A beveled edge with a difference, these molded laminate edges have a softer, curved look for additional elegance. These can be added to any laminate countertops and offer you extra durability as well as style.

Durable, stylish laminate countertop edging options 

At Kuehn Bevel, we specialize in manufacturing high quality kitchen countertop edges that deliver the perfect finishing touches to your design. Expertly manufactured to your specifications using a wide range of edging options and laminate products, we deliver a result that enhances your design, protects your countertops and looks great.

From the ideal Formica edges and granite like laminate to backsplashes and wood profiles, we do it all. Please contact us today and speak with the friendly sales staff at your local installers for more information.


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