5 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas for Your Remodel

Whether your family bathroom has to cater for everyone or you have a small bathroom to yourself, storage is everything. Here are some tips from our team, the specialists in Formica countertop edging, to help you get the most out of your space while keeping it organized and easy to clean.

  1. Wall cabinets: If you have an open wall, it’s the perfect spot for a cabinet. Try to get the biggest one you can comfortably fit into the space. It’s great for storing toiletries, towels, accessories and more within easy reach.
  2. Storage ladder: This is a free-standing storage option that is ideal for people who don’t want to make permanent changes to their space. Make sure it goes as high as possible, so you can fit everything you need onto it at easy reaching height.
  3. Crate shelving: If you don’t have the budget or space for a wall cabinet, crates are the perfect option. Simply pick them up at a craft store, paint them to fit in with your décor and fix to the wall. They are small enough to fit into tiny spaces and make great storage for toiletries, toilet rolls and more.
  4. Towel ladder: If you share a bathroom and don’t have enough hanging space, the best thing to do is go vertical. Towel ladders let you hang multiple towels to dry without taking up much floor space.
  5. Maximize your vanity space: Bathroom vanities are wonderful storage, but you can increase their capacity easily by creating hidden storage on the back of the doors themselves. You can attach a rack easily and add space for essentials like hairdryers, hot irons, brushes and more.

Affordable, Lasting Style with Custom Formica Countertop Edging 

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