Got Kurvs? 5 Laminate Countertop Edges Contractors Should Consider

Laminate countertops are a sturdy, affordable alternative to pricey granite or concrete countertops, but they have rarely been seen as the stylish option – until today! The industry-leading Kurv edges for laminate countertops ups the game in terms of creating a unique look and feel for your kitchen or bath. Countertop beveled or curved edges provide a cost-effective way to expand the design features that are available.

Contractors who choose to offer this type of upgrade are able to charge slightly more due to the enhanced aesthetic that the beveled edges bring to the overall kitchen or bathroom design. See how these 5 key edge styles differ, and which may be right for your next project.

The Single Bevel

Countertop beveled edges

The seamless curve of the Single Bevel Kurv 1 creates the smooth look of luxury for your next countertop project. For this edge style, only the top of the laminated countertops is beveled, providing a stunning look at a reasonable price-point.

The Double Bevel

Ogee Countertop edges

With bevels at both the top and bottom, the Kurv 2 Double Bevel creates a sharper contrast between the smooth top of your laminate countertops and the edges. These decorative edge moldings can also be designed into your backsplash or baseboard molding to create a unique look for your home.

The Subtle Single Kurv

Ogee laminate Countertop edges

High-pressure laminates will last for many years, and the style of Kurv 3 with the single, sweeping radius is timeless and will protect your investment, too. These sculpted edges keep your laminate countertops from cracking or breaking while creating a look that exudes luxury and class.

The Subtle Double Kurv

Laminate countertop edges

The soft bullnose design of Kurv 4, with its sweeping radius edge for countertops, is ideal for homes with children where you want to protect from bumps and scrapes. Without a bullnose edge, laminate countertops could potentially get caught on clothing or be damaged — but the protective edging helps keep your countertops looking good for years to come.


Beveled edges for laminate countertops

Kurvelle is the newest edge for countertops that is so extraordinarily innovative that there’s a design patent pending. This ogee style of edge creates the look of ultimate luxury for your next project, without the heavy overhead of granite, wood or other natural materials. The moisture-resistant MDF includes a 10-year limited warranty and easy installation. Select from a variety of edge color choices to coordinate the countertops with your project’s look and feel.


  • Kurv Edges are available in four different styles, plus the revolutionary new Kurvelle — an ogee-style edge for laminate countertops
  • The team at SEK Enterprises will help match the ideal edge style to your Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite and Nevamar finishes and patterns
  • Stylized edges for your laminate countertops add value to any project — creating the look of high-end materials without the high installed price

SEK Enterprises offers design options in all of your favorite laminate styles, including Wilsonart and Formica — so you’re sure to find exactly the color and look that you need for your kitchen and bath countertops. From old-world luxury to modern sharp edges, Kuehn Bevel, Kurv Edges, and our brand new Kurvelle countertop design options are built to complement the look and feel of your projects.

Are you ready to elevate the aesthetics of your countertops? Contact the professionals at SEK Enterprises today at 800-TO-BEVEL to learn how you can offer bevels, kurvs, and ogee edges for laminate countertops for your customers. You can also reach us via email to or fill out our quick online contact form.