How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are all about creating that classic, rural heart of the home. Here are some design tips on how to create this welcoming style in your home, from our laminate countertop edging team.

  • Open shelving: While very modern kitchens hide everything away, farmhouse kitchens put things on display. Wall-mounted shelves, door-less cabinets, dish racks and ceiling-mounted pot-holders are all classic features of this style of kitchen.
  • Traditional flooring: Flooring plays an important role in creating the ambience of a farmhouse kitchen. Wooden floors are classic (natural or painted), but you can find rustic stone tiles that also look fantastic.
  • Eat-in kitchen: Farmhouse kitchens are traditionally large in size and feature a big table where everyone can gather around to cook, relax, work or eat. They make great prep tables as well as dining tables, and look best in wood.
  • Apron-fronted sink: A big, deep sink is another classic characteristic of these kitchens. It should be able to withstand heavy duty, fit big pots and saucepans, and look great too. While there are plenty of new ones on sale, you could add an authentic touch by sourcing a vintage model from a salvage yard or market.
  • A range: The range is the workhorse of the kitchen, warming the space and cooking up tasty family meals. For the right look and feel, you can go for an AGA, complete with vintage stovepipe.
  • Country details: From old-fashioned handles and faucets to free-standing cabinets, exposed beams and gentle colors, the farmhouse kitchen comes to life through little details. Mix your cabinets with salvaged vintage Welsh dresser or displays, add pretty vintage signs and glassware, or old-fashioned light fixtures to deliver the perfect finishing touches.

Design Your Dream Farmhouse Kitchen with the Laminate Countertop Edging Specialists 

At Kuehn Bevel, we’ve got over 20 years of experience in the laminate countertop edging industry and, with a huge range of profiles, design choices and laminate countertop edging options, we can create the custom detail your farmhouse kitchen deserves. We specialize in all the major laminate brands, including Formica edges, as well as wood and solid surface countertop edge profiles.

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4 Kitchen Upgrades that Add the Most Value to your Home

If you’re upgrading your home with the idea of increasing its value when you sell, remodeling your kitchen is probably high up on your list. It’s a good choice too, as a mid-range kitchen upgrade can (on average) bring a 98% return on investment, while a higher-end remodel can deliver 91% return on investment, according to HGTV. But how much you get back also depends on where you spend the money. Here are some of the more rewarding upgrades, from the specialists in laminate edging options.

  1. Countertops: Workspaces are at a premium in a kitchen and having good-looking, high-quality countertops is a big factor in your home’s overall appeal. Granite is a favorite with homeowners and buyers, but it’s still a big expense. High-quality laminate countertops are a happy medium – and you’ll be impressed with what today’s manufacturers can offer.
  2. Appliances: Great appliances are a fantastic draw for buyers, but be careful not to go overboard. Professional-grade appliances are very expensive and won’t get you the best returns. Rather stick to well-known, quality brands that appeal to a wide range of buyers. Another recommendation is to choose energy-efficient appliances, as that will save you money in the meantime and is very appealing to the market!
  3. Cabinets: Damaged, neglected or out-of-date cabinets are an immediate turn-off to buyers, so – unless they’re in great shape – upgrading them is always a good idea. This doesn’t necessarily mean replacing them, as a coat of paint can do wonders to good-quality but outdated cabinets. You could also consider putting on new handles or simply replacing the doors and faces of your cabinetry to update their look.
  4. Colors: A neutral color scheme is a must-have for anyone who wants their kitchen to be a true selling point for their home. Stay away from very bright or dark colors on cabinets, walls, countertops or backsplashes, and avoid busy patterns.

Update Your Kitchen Countertops and Backsplashes with Kuehn Bevel Laminate Edging Options 

Kuehn Bevel is a leader in the manufacture of decorative and protective laminate countertop edge products for Formica, laminate, solid surface and wood countertops. Our products Corian countertop edges, laminate countertop edge options and beveled edge laminate countertop, amongst others. Our aim is to give our clients access to beautiful and stylish products that deliver the best in protective countertop edging and interior design but without the hefty price tag.

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Remodeling Ideas – How to Design a Luxury Shower

When it comes to adding luxury touches to our homes, bathrooms are making a splash. For many people, luxury showers are just as important as getting the perfect tub – and there are some fantastic options available! Here are some remodeling ideas from the specialists in countertop edge options.

Glass Enclosed Showers 

Throw that shower curtain away and invest in glass panels! This is an update that instantly modernizes your shower, creates a more open feel in your bathroom and – importantly – is easy to keep clean and hygienic. You can even enclose your shower in glass panels on each side for an even more light and airy feel.

Bring in Nature 

While beautiful outdoor showers may not work for your home, you can still update it to bring in plenty of natural light and even a view of the garden. By adding a window or skylight, your bathroom will be instantly brightened, and you’ll feel even more refreshed and revitalized.

Steam Away the Stress 

Steam is incredibly relaxing, and a luxury steam shower can bring this spa experience right into your own home. They’re remote controlled, so you can set it to the perfect temperature with ease. Remember to add a bench to your shower design to give you a space to relax in comfort, and a window to allow for fresh air circulation.

Luxury Materials 

Showers are fairly small spaces, so it’s easier to add touches of luxury without spending too much. Splash out on stone, marble or expensive tiles and you’ll be amazed at the result. Your chosen material should reach all the way to the ceiling for a uniform, high-end look. River stones also make for a beautiful shower floor and really bring that nature-inspired spa look to life.

Compliment Your New Shower with Quality Granite Like Laminate and Stylish Countertop Edge Options

With over 20 years of experience, Kuehn Bevel are the people to see when you want exceptional quality laminate countertop edging options for your laminate countertops. With a wide range of decorative options to suit all the top laminate countertop brands, we’ll deliver a product that is expertly manufactured and designed to your specifications. From beveled edge laminate countertops to Formica ideal edges and more, we can deliver it all.

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Make Sure your Kitchen Cabinets are Made to Last

Kitchen cabinets take up a large portion of your space, making their aesthetics as well as their practical features an important part of a kitchen remodel. Quality is key when selecting them, as poor-quality kitchen cabinets can quickly become a frustrating headache and waste of money. Here are some tips from the specialists in countertop edges.

Signs to Look for That Indicate Quality Kitchen Cabinets 

  • Exact, precise edges and detailing
  • Independent drawer fronts (double layer forming the front of the drawer)
  • Great finishes on the interior as well as exterior of the cabinets and drawers
  • Durable materials – hardwood, engineered wood, veneered plywood and medium-density fiberboard. Avoid thin particleboard. Drawers should always be 3/8 to ½ inch thick.
  • Good construction – Joints should be dovetail, tongue-and-groove, dowel, biscuit or dado. Avoid stapled construction.
  • Certified brands – They may cost more, but these brands have been heavily tested and subjected to the hard work your home’s kitchen will typically experience, and have come out with flying colors. These brands are also happy to provide warrantees to guarantee their quality, which is great for your peace of mind and incase anything goes wrong.
  • Variety – Kitchen cabinets should come in a wide range of options that you can choose from to suit your space – and not just in terms of style. From full-extension roll-out shelves and pot drawers to custom cabinetry, wine storage and more, your supplier should be able to offer you much more than just a standard cabinet.

Add Quality Finishing Touches with Kuehn Bevel Countertop Edges 

Kuehn Bevel is America’s leading producer of kitchen countertop edge options. With over 20 years of experience, we have the technology and expert skills to produce high-quality decorative countertop edging options in laminate, solid surface and wood. From Formica edges to backsplashes and wall trim, we do it all.

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