Lighting – A Kitchen’s Best Friend

When we think of remodeling a kitchen, we often focus on big ticket items like cabinetry, granite or laminate countertops, new appliances, and décor – and we forget about lighting. However, good lighting that is set up for your specific kitchen design is essential to making your space functional and enjoyable. Here are some tips to help ensure that you can make an informed decision about our kitchen’s lighting needs.

  • Fittings should fit-in with your design: There are so many beautiful lighting options available, and the fixtures can do a lot to enhance your overall design. Retro hanging lamps and Edison bulbs look beautiful in quirky spaces, while engineered, minimalist lighting looks great in very modern spaces.
  • Lighting on levels: Kitchen lighting has several jobs, so make sure you have the right lights in the right places. Under counter lighting is great for prep work and cooking, general lighting from the ceiling should be comfortable ‘social’ lighting, and lighting over the breakfast bar is great for eating, ambience and adding character.
  • No dark corners: Generally, lighting should be positioned directly over walkways, prep areas, sinks and cooktops for effective task lighting and to ensure there are no dark corners where you – or anyone else – can’t see what you’re doing.
  • Natural lighting: Where possible, natural lighting should be brought into your kitchen. This will bring in warmth and comfort, as well as reducing dependency on artificial lighting and energy bills – both of which can leave you with a headache.
  • Warm tones: Choose warm, golden toned lightbulbs wherever possible, as this makes kitchen feel cozy and welcoming while still delivering enough light. Cold tones and white lights can leave your kitchen feeling cold and clinical.
  • Downlights over pendants: Hanging lights look great in a kitchen, but should be limited to over a breakfast bar or kitchen island. Too many hanging lights can leave your kitchen feeling crowded and cramped, and can gather dust and debris. Rather choose a few hanging lights for impact, and supplement with downlighters.

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What to Remodel First – Kitchen or Bathroom?

When homeowners think about remodeling, it can be tough to decide between redoing the kitchen or tacking the bathrooms. Here are some insights to help you make the right decision, from our laminate countertop edging team.

Which is More Affordable? 

In almost every case, remodeling the bathroom is the more budget-friendly option, as they generally cost around $17,000 according to the national average, compared to the $19,000 that kitchens cost on average. There are also ways to save further on a bathroom remodel, like keeping your plumbing in the same position or upscaling cabinetry.

What Takes the Least Amount of Time? 

Again, bathrooms are the faster option, taking 18 days on average to complete. They are also often easier to handle and less disruptive, as most families have a second bathroom they can use in the meantime. Kitchens are at the other end of the spectrum, taking about 2-6 months to complete, depending on the materials, complexity and size of the remodel. Kitchen remodels are often more of a hassle too, as you have to make other arrangements to cook, store and eat.

What Adds the Most Value to your Home?

Here, kitchens are the winner, as a great kitchen is a stand-out priority for most homebuyers and is well-known as the heart of a home. 52% of real estate agents report that the kitchen is the biggest influence on making a sale, while only 42% report the same for bathrooms.

What is in the Worst Condition? 

This is possibly the most important question to ask, whether you are planning to sell your home or stay in it, as remodeling very poor bathrooms and leaving a decent kitchen (or vice versa) is going to add the most value and quality of life overall. Think about how you use your house and where the biggest pain points are, and choose the option that will make the biggest positive effect on everyone who lives there – and you can’t go wrong!

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How to Refurbish or Update your Wall Trim Molding

Wall trim molding is a beautiful feature in any home, but it can become worn and damaged over the years. Here are some wall trim molding ideas to help bring your home back to its best!

Clean Away the Old to Get Ready for the New! 

You’ll be amazed at what a good clean can do for your wall trim. If you have wooden trim, simply soften old paint along the edges of the trim using alcohol, and use a putty knife wrapped in a rag to scrub away at the trim. This will also remove any old grease, grime and dust.

If you have shellac, alcohol can damage the surface, so rather use a gentle cleaning liquid recommended for shellac.

Replace What’s Beyond Repair 

While some little knocks and scratches can be easily sanded out by hand using sandpaper, some parts of your trim might be beyond repair – but that doesn’t mean it should all come down! Some companies, like Kuehn Bevel, specialize in making trim to order, and can create a custom product that will fit seamlessly into place. It’s also a great way to add trim into a room that hasn’t been finished and keep a great look going through your home.

Pick your Color

Modern interior decorating is about creating your own personal style in your home, but there are some things to keep in mind that may help you get the result you’re looking for. Using your natural wood’s color is perfectly acceptable, and it doesn’t need to be painted. If you do want to paint it, white and off-white colors will look striking with any décor. Neutral tones are also a good choice, especially if you are going for a strong contrast. If you want something more adventurous, it’s best to then choose a more subdued wall paint color to ensure the contrast is properly appreciated.

Pick your Finish 

Trim can catch the dust, so it’s important that it’s easy to clean, which is why we recommend a semi-gloss interior paint that is washable and durable.

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How to Create a His and Hers Bathroom that Works

His and hers bathrooms are a big home trend in 2018, and can be a wonderfully functional and attractive space if designed with care. Here are some insights from our team, the specialists in laminate countertop edging options.

Bathroom Vanities 

The vanity is one of the most important features of any bathroom, and a his and hers space needs the right vanity in order to make this space enjoyable to share and use. If you have the space, it’s best to either install a double vanity with separate basins, faucets and storage along a single wall, or install two separate single vanities opposite one another in the space. It’s also a good idea to double up on mirrors, toothbrush holders and other items of daily use. If you have the space and budget, a double shower is a wonderful feature to add as well!

Clear Space and Open Views 

Workable his and hers bathrooms require some doubling up on different items and features, which can make even a bigger bathroom space look crowded, so it’s important to add features that help keep the space open and uncluttered. Glass-enclosed showers with a curbless entry, windows and furnishings with uniform, simple lines help keep great flow in the bathroom.

Colors and Detail 

Again, because these bathrooms tend to have more features than regular bathrooms, it’s going to take smart design choices to keep it looking like a peaceful, relaxing and functional space. Light colors and white reflect light make a space feel larger, so think about light vanity countertops, wall paint and floor tiles.


If you are changing your regular bathroom to a his and hers bathroom, don’t forget to change your lighting system too. Each bathroom vanity station will need good lighting in order to be functional, and lighting can be positioned in such a way to help create good flow in the space and highlight the areas of dual-use. For example, vanity lighting for each side of the space help keeps your bathroom balanced and functional for both of you.

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