Expert Designer Tips And Tweaks To Enhance Your Kitchen Remodel

Want to get the most out of your kitchen remodel? Read these designer tips from the specialists in countertop edges at Kuehn Bevel!

  • Plan for enough storage: The best kitchens are those with clear countertop space that contain everything you need without looking cluttered, and this means planning for plenty of storage. Pantries are invaluable for this, as are cabinets that reach to the ceiling. The higher shelves won’t be as easily accessible, but they make great storage for items that are only used on certain occasions, like Christmas. Other good storage ideas include small shelving units inside cabinet doors, ceiling-mounted racks for pots and skillets, and hooks on doors for storing mops and aprons.
  • Lighting: Kitchens need several types of lighting – natural light from windows or skylights, overhead lighting and workspace lighting. Under counter lights are fantastic for keeping workspaces well-lit.
  • Plugs: All your appliances need power, and there need to be enough plugs to not only power the appliances you use all the time, but also to ensure you can place your appliances properly in your kitchen and take on any additional power sources when needed. For example, your fridge, dishwasher and microwave will stay plugged in, but you’ll need other countertop plugs for your blender, phone charger and other smaller items.
  • Range hoods: A well-ventilated kitchen is a good kitchen, especially these days where our kitchens are part of an open plan house and are used for entertaining – the last thing you want is food smells lingering through your whole home. Installing a range hood is a great and effective option that often offers additional lighting as well. Choose one that is quiet, vents to the outside, and is energy-efficient.
  • Plan for your bins: Bins are a necessary part of the kitchen, but not necessarily a very pleasant one! With a bit of planning, you can have your bins out of the way inside specially designed cupboards, or positioned out of sight. Remember to put them in a place that is easy to reach when preparing food or clearing plates.

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Make The Most Of Your Space With These Garage Conversion Ideas

Garages offer homeowners a great way to add space and utility to their homes without committing to constructing additions. Like basements, these spaces are often under-utilized, but more and more homeowners are turning to them to create functional spaces. Here are some ideas from our team of laminate countertop edging specialists.

  • Independent living space: Whether you want to earn rental income, have a guest space for your in-laws, or have a teenager looking for some independence, a garage conversion can be made into a compact but comfortable space. Switch the garage door out for a sliding door, add a couple of windows, a kitchenette and a compact bathroom and you’re good to go! If you’re in a cold climate, don’t forget to add insulation and heating.
  • Increase your floor size: This is a fantastic option if your home is attached to your garage. Simply knock through, decorate and change out the garage doors and you have a whole new space to expand into. Demolish the whole wall to create an open plan look, or keep it more closed up if you want to create your own cinema.
  • Workshop: If you want to keep your space more utilitarian, then a workshop is the way to go. Away from the main house, it’s a quieter space that can be easily converted into a functional area for woodworking, working on cars and motorbikes, or any other projects. It’s a great idea to add a small, functional kitchenette and wash up station so that you can clean up easily.
  • Games room: If you have kids or are simply young at heart, garages make great conversions into games rooms, especially if you have limited house space! Spacious enough for a pool table, foosball or a gaming table, simply insulate to make it cozier, add a window or two for ventilation, and decorate it as you like.

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Tips For Creating Your Bathroom Floorplan

Bathrooms can be challenging to remodel because they are small spaces that have to provide a high level of functionality. With so many options for fixtures, furniture, countertops and countertop edge op out there, it can be difficult to visualize exactly what will work best in your home. Here are some tips from our team.

  • Make a movable layout: There are plenty of free online tools that can map out your bathroom and help you space out the different elements you need to include, making it easy to move them around and try different options. If that isn’t your style, you can go more old school and chalk out an outline in, say, your garage, and draw in furnishings to scale. This is very useful in visualizing the space and how you will be able to move around in it.
  • Assessing your needs: Take some time to think about who uses the bathroom and how they use it, to help create a list of goals for your remodel. Is more storage essential? What about a his and hers basin? Do your kids need a shower or a bigger tub? Is it a family bathroom or a smaller en-suite? Is this a space you want to use for many years ahead or are you remodeling to sell in a few years?
  • The tub: This is often the focal point of a bathroom, and many people make the mistake of choosing one that is too big or too small for the space. Your tub shouldn’t make the rest of your room feel cramped, prevent doors opening properly or fit at an awkward angle. Remember, very big tubs also take a very long time to fill, so they aren’t always as practical. Tubs that are too small are not going to enjoyable or practical to use, and will look out of place in your space.
  • Clearance: Being able to move easily inside the bathroom will make all the difference to your new bathroom. You need at least 36 inches for your toilet, 35 inches minimum for a single sink (72 for a double), and at least 60 inches long and 32 inches deep for a standard tub.

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What Are The Best Kitchen Flooring Options Out There?

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the biggest and most critical home improvement projects you can take on, not just because of the different practical elements that have to fit into the space, but because our kitchens have become so much more than just areas where meals are made. These spaces are the true heart of the home – it’s where we explore our cooking talents, where our kids do their homework, and where friends and family gather for an evening together. This makes choosing the right design and materials – from kitchen countertop edges to furniture – for these spaces a challenge, and finding the right floor is one of the most important decisions homeowners need to make. Here are some of the best options, recommended by our team.

  • Stone and tile: Your floors will need to stand up to heavy traffic, mess and spills – and still look good. Stone and tile options are one of the best ways to achieve this, and there’s an option for almost any price range, although it can become expensive especially when labor is considered. Be sure to choose an option that is slip-resistant and non-porous to avoid dangerous falls and unsightly stains. It can also be a very cold floor in the winter, so be sure that you have adequate heating.
  • Cork flooring: This is quite a New Age flooring concept, offering an eco-friendly choice for homeowners who want a more environmentally friendly home. It’s made from bark that is carefully harvested every 8-10 years from specially cultivated forests, so no trees are felled for this product. It’s waterproof, slip-proof and compressible, making it a comfortable floor to walk on without the coldness of stone or tiles. It will need resealing every 4 years or so, but is very affordable to buy and install.
  • Hardwood: This is a classic look that will never make your kitchen look dated. It’s warm, elegant and never goes out of style, as well as being durable, low-maintenance and water resistant. Using an engineered hardwood is often the better choice for kitchens, as it is constructed to create less movement, swelling and cracking than traditional hardwood. It’s a more expensive flooring option, but often worth it simply for adding value to your home.

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