The 5 most luxurious looking Formica countertops!

Want your kitchen or bathroom to have a touch of luxury even on the tightest budget? Formica laminate countertops have you covered! Here are some of the best countertops, recommended by our Formica countertop edging specialists.

  1. Calacatta Marble: Marble is the last word in luxury, but it’s also often too expensive and impractical to use every day. This high-resolution, expertly designed laminate gives you all the benefits of laminate without the price tag – and you’ll find it almost impossible to tell the difference!
  2. Magma Black granite: Granite is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms but the more rare-looking colors can easily blow your budget away, not to mention increase your carbon footprint by having to source it from far away. This elegant, show-stopping granite like laminate pushes the boundaries with its richly veined gold, black and brown tones, giving your home a real wow-factor without the price to match.
  3. Petrified wood: Hardwearing, exotic and with a truly unique character, this laminate has been modeled exactly to match the real thing, bringing a piece of history into your home.
  4. Gray Josef Linen: If imitating the real thing isn’t your aesthetic, then why not try a laminate that shows off the versatility and creativity that this material is all about? This neutral patterned laminate has a retro 70s look that combines multiple shades of gray in a distinct, trend-setting pattern that’s sure to add personality and distinct character to your space.
  5. Writable surfaces: For many people, practicality and character are the ultimate luxury– and writable Formica offers both! Whether you’re feeling creative and expressive or your kids want to leave their mark, these luxurious surfaces can handle whatever you throw at them. Write down your schedule, keep your children busy or change the look of your space on a whim with your own writing or art style – and it can all come off with just a quick wipe.

Make the most of your Formica countertops with matching edging 

Kuehn Bevel is a leader in the manufacture of decorative laminate countertop edging products for Formica, laminate, solid surface and wood countertops. Our products include beveled edge laminate countertop edges, solid surface edging and Corian countertop edges, amongst others. Our aim is to give our clients access to beautiful and stylish products that deliver the best in protective countertop edging and interior design but without the hefty price tag.

For more information about our countertop edge options, please contact us today at and speak the friendly sales staff at your local installers.


No more brown line with top-of-the-line laminate countertop edges

For a long time, one of the biggest marks against investing in laminate countertops for your home was the fact that no matter how affordable they were, good they looked or long they lasted, you’d have to live with that brown seam between the countertop and the edging. But not anymore! Here’s more from the specialists in manufacturing top quality laminate countertop edges.

Expertly manufactured laminate edges 

Thanks to advancements in technology, design and manufacturing, specialists have found a way to get rid of that brown line for once and for all, leaving you with a seamless, high quality finish. Not only is the brown line a thing of the past, these new edges are stronger and more durable than before, protecting your countertops from chipping, moisture and damage.

Removing the seam also makes laminate countertops even more hygienic by removing that small gap where moisture, dirt and other materials can collect. This effectively prevents the risk of old, mildew and bacteria growth, which is especially vital in areas where food is prepared.

Add style as well as durability and strength 

Edges are also no longer offered just in the standard styles from the countertop manufacturer. Design specialists can now offer you far more, including single and double beveled edges, ogee, bullnose and eased edges. You can also choose from a wide range of materials, from matching or contrasting laminate, to sustainable wood edges, solid surface edges and combination edges using a range of materials.

Speak to Kuehn Bevel installers today and see how affordable style can be 

With over 20 years of experience, Kuehn Bevel are the people to see when you want exceptional quality edging options for your laminate countertops. With a wide range of decorative options to suit all the top laminate countertop brands, we’ll deliver a product that is expertly manufactured and designed to your specifications. From beveled edge laminate countertops to Formica edges and Corian countertop edges, we can deliver it all.

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A style guide to countertop edge options

Choosing custom edging for your bathroom, workspace or kitchen countertops is a great way of adding additional style and durability to your remodel. Here’s how to choose the right look for your space, from the specialists in the manufacturing of top quality, affordable countertop edge options.

Different type of countertop edging options 

  • Eased edges: This is a very simple and streamlined look for countertops that is ideal for homeowners who want a more neutral look rather than a statement. Essentially, it is a clean, straight, squared off edge that has had the sharp corners ground down at a slight angle to soften the edge and prevent chipping as well as painful bumps. It goes well with both traditional and modern spaces, making it eye-catching and versatile.
  • Beveled edges: Available as a single or double beveled edge, this style is very popular with people looking for a contemporary feel. It is a squared off look where the edges have been ground down at a 45-degree angle to create a slightly softer profile. You can choose from a single or double beveled profile to see what suits your space the best.
  • Bullnose edges: This is a fully rounded edge that has become a countertop classic. It complements any design and it’s easy to clean as well as child safe, due to its lack of sharp edges and angles. You can also get a demi-bullnose edge that is rounded on the top but still retains a sharp bottom edge for a more contemporary look.
  • Ogee edges: This is a far more detailed look that makes it suit spaces with a traditional feel to them. It has a double curve that adds elegance and personality, but can make cleaning your countertop edges slightly more challenging. This kind of edging is ideal for adding decorative detail and character to your space.

Laminate countertop edging options in a wide range of materials, at great prices 

At Kuehn Bevel, we work with Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart to Corian and other leading brands, giving you access to the most extensive range of laminate patterns, textures and designs for your countertop edges. With our technology and design process, we can offer a huge range of custom combinations and product styles, letting you have full control over how the finished product will look. We also offer custom designed laminate backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Where to find quality Kurv edging for your Corian kitchen countertops

Corian is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, sink areas and island countertops – and it’s not difficult to see why. Fashionable and versatile, it really makes a stunning focal point to your home or property. In order to get the most out of your investment, it’s best to choose custom kitchen countertop edges to enhance your design and create a durable finish. Here are some insights from the specialists in Corian countertop edges.

What are the advantages of choosing Corian countertops and edging options? 

  • Versatility: Whatever look you’re going for, whether it’s classic neutrals or out-of-this-world colors, Corian has it all. In addition to different tints and colors, surfaces are also available metallic and shimmery textures for an additional luxury touch.
  • Hygienic: The manufacturing process of these countertops creates a seamless, fully integrated look that won’t trap food particles, germs or debris. Unlike many stone and wood surfaces, Corian is also non-porous, making it fully resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Durable: Easy to clean, stain resistant, burn resistant up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and easily repaired if scratched, Corian countertops are manufactured to last and easy to maintain.

Invest in countertop edging options for Corian surfaces 

At Kuehn Bevel, we offer expertly manufactured solid surface countertop edging options and profiles to enhance and protect your investment. Whether you need laminate countertop edging options or Corian solid surface edges, we can offer you a design, edge profile and final product that adds style to your space without breaking your budget.

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